Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Krishna janmabhoomi ‘beyond beautiful’, says Kangana

'It pains to see the armed forces and strict laws much like border forces… it's not some Indian border it's Krishna Janm Bhumi,' the actress wrote on Instagram

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut says she had had an enriching spiritual experience at Mathura’s Krishna janmabhoomi and the proof thereof law in the many photos and videos she shared on her social media handle.

“I don’t know what good karma I did to have your love and kindness Krishna,” Kangana wrote in an Instagram post that saw her garlanded in flowers, reaching out for blessings at the place of worship.

Narrating her visit to the temple, she said, “Visited divine Krishna Janm Bhumi in Mathura… It’s a very sensitive place with heavy security and no pictures allowed… because of the encroachment of the holy place much like Ram JanmBhumi… But that jail where Mata Devaki and Shri Vasudev ji was kept is partially available to visitors…”

Expressing her hope to visit parts of the jail cells that are currently blocked off to the public for viewing, she said, “I am told there are six more underground jail rooms that are mentioned in our scriptures but they are not available to us… hopefully soon @myogi_adityanath will make it possible for devotees to visit the entire premises…”

Kangana Ranaut reaches Banke Bihari temple in Mathura to worship Krishna

“It pains to see the huge armed forces and strict laws much like border forces… it’s not some Indian border it’s Krishna Janm Bhumi… Jai Shri Krishna…” she said.
The actress also visited Gokuldham. In her post, she wondered, “Crossing Yamuna river and imagining how Vasudev carried baby Krishna on his head and crossed the violent Yamuna in rains… This place is beyond beautiful.”

Once at the temple, she shared a video of her “sweet” moment rocking the lord’s cradle. Narrating all that the priest told her at the holy site, she said, “This is where Vasudev handed over baby Krishna to Nand baba… it was literally the sweetest experience… The priest said it’s not your Lord Krishna here… here he is Yashoda’s NandLal… her baby… don’t make noise don’t stand sit down… look at him how you look at a baby and laugh or smile or else he will cry… So he gave me white butter and mishri… and I softly rocked the baby jhula and laughed… That’s the ritual… how delightful.”

of Krishna janmabhoomi temple

In 1017 or 1018, Mahmud of Ghazni attacked and plundered Mahaban. Ghazni’s scribe, though not accompanying him on the expedition, al Utbi describes in his Tarikh-i-Yamini neighbouring holy town which is identified as Mathura.

Al Utbi wrote, “At the centre of the city, there was a huge and magnificent temple, which the people believed wasn’t built by men but by the angels… Any description of the temple, either in words or in pictures, would fall short and fail to convey its beauty.”

Mahmud of Ghazni wrote, “if anyone wished to construct a building equal to it, he would not be able to do so without spending a hundred million dinars, and the work would occupy two hundred years, even though the ablest and experienced workmen were employed.”

Mahmud ordered to burn all the temples and demolish them. He plundered gold and silver idols and carried away a load of hundred camels.

Abdullah, in the reign of Mughal emperor Jehangir, mentions in Tarikh-i-Daudi the destruction of Mathura and its temples by Delhi Sultan Sikandar Lodi in the 16th century. Lodi had prohibited Hindus from bathing in the river and shaving of heads on the banks as well.

Mathura came under British control in 1804. It is still managed by the state. Hindu places of worship, unlike those of other religious communities, are not managed by the community. Hindus have been struggling to free their temples from state control for years together.

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