Thursday 26 May 2022
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KL Rahul auctions 2019 WC kits for over Rs 7 lakh to help vulnerable children

KL Rahul said, I have decided to donate my cricket pads, my gloves, helmets and some of my jerseys to our collaboration partner Bharat Army

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KL Rahul, who had put all his kits used in the ICC World Cup 2019 for auction to raise money for poor and needy children, has raised more than Rs 7 lakh.

While his bat fetched him an amount of Rs 2,64,228, his helmet was sold for Rs 1,22,677, his pads for Rs 33,028, his ODI jersey for Rs 1,13,240, his T20 jersey for Rs 1,04,824, his Test jersey for Rs 1,32,774 and his gloves for Rs 28,782.

In a video posted on the official Twitter timeline of the Bharat Army, Rahul had said all proceeds from the auction will go to the Aware Foundation, which works to provide dispossessed, disadvantaged and vulnerable children in India the right to education.

“I have decided to donate my pads, my gloves, helmets and some of my jerseys to our collaboration partner Bharat Army. They are going to auction these things out and the funds will go towards the Aware Foundation,” batsman said.

“It’s a foundation that looks towards helping children. It is very special and I couldn’t pick a better day to do this. “Go on check out the auction and show some love for me and the children and let’s stay strong together during this difficult time and all of us will come out of this stronger,” the 28-year-old said.

Meanwhile, speaking about last year’s World Cup, Rahul on Saturday said that the semi- defeat against New Zealand still haunted the Indian players and revealed that many players had not yet been able to get over that loss.

“I think most of us are still not over that loss, it still haunts us sometimes. I can’t imagine what the senior players must have felt but you know in a World Cup it just becomes even harder and knowing that we played so well in the entire tournament. Yeah, so, you know, I still wake up to that nightmare sometimes,” the 28-year-old said to television presenter and commentator Suhail Chandhok in the fifth episode of ‘The Mind Behind.

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