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KKR owners eyeing to invest in ECB’s The Hundred

KKR are open to investing in the 100-ball a side competition, which has now been postponed to next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic


England Cricket Board recently postponed the inaugural season of their newly introduced league ‘The Hundred’ to next year due to global pandemic. And, they have suffered some huge losses due to the postponement of the league. Meanwhile, the owners of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have come out showing their interest in buying a team in the aforementioned league and are open to it going into the future.

It looks difficult as ECB had earlier taken a stance for avoiding any type of private investment in the tournament. But, the England Cricket Board might have a look at the same as they are on the verge of facing a big financial hit due to the postponement of the tournament.

It is known that KKR owners are always eager to invest in the cricket leagues happening across the globe like in 2015 they had bought the Trinidad franchise. Now, it seems like their next aim is to invest in the new -format based league. And, as per the reports, the Shah Rukh Khan co-owned KKR are open to investing in the 100-ball a side competition, which has now been postponed to next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interaction, Venky Mysore, the chief executive of Kolkata Knight Riders said that they are a genuine brand of cricket and going into the future their major aim is to invest in cricket. He added the fact that every cricket league is well aware of their good reputation in the cricketing industry. As per him, now the leagues are well aware about the importance of investors, who bring lots of positive things along with them hand in hand.

“We are perhaps the only genuine global brand in cricket and our strategy has always been to look at opportunities to invest in cricket globally. All leagues around the world understand the value that Knight Riders bring to any league and to that extent we will surely be keen to explore. I think leagues are also realising the value of having investors such as us who bring our brand, professional management, marketing ideas and huge fan base,” Venky Mysore said.

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