Friday 27 May 2022
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Kishor & Varma, kicked out of JDU, thank Nitish

Nitish Kumar had sent across stern warnings to Prashant Kishor and Pavan Varma they were speaking out of turn, which would not be tolerated

Janata Dal (United) (JDU) today showed Prashant Kishor and Pavan K Varma the way out of the party amidst their tussle with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Both Kishor and Varma have been critical of Kumar on many issues including the Citizenship Act (CAA).

A day ago, when Nitish Kumar had said that Prashant Kishor was in the party at the behest of Amit Shah, election manager Kishor had called him a liar.

Varma questioned the between the BJP and JDU for the Delhi assembly election.

After being expelled from the party, Kishor tweeted to thank Kumar. ” Thank you @NitishKumar. My best wishes to you to retain the chair of Chief Minister of Bihar. God bless you,” he tweeted.

Pavan Varma tweeted, too, thanking Kumar for freeing him from the party.

Pawan Verma tweeted, ‘Thank you Nitish Kumar ji for freeing me from my increasingly untenable position of defending you and your policies. I wish you all the best for your ambition of being CM of Bihar at any cost.”

Earlier, refusing to take a warning from the JDU chief where Kumar had told journalists about Varma that the latter could join any other party he wanted, Varma had said arrogantly he was waiting for the formal reply to his ‘letter’ to the party head. To that, JDU head and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said, “Sending an e-mail without even informing and straightaway going to the press doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Prashant Kishor, on the other hand, after calling Kumar a liar, had said, ” If I am lying, why was I brought to JDU?”

Even before the two sides threw barbs at each other via media, JDU had released its list of star campaigners for the Delhi assembly election where the names of Prashant Kishor and Pavan K Varma, two quasi-politicians always at odds with policies of the union government of Narendra Modi, were found conspicuous by their absence. The statement of these thought leaders about the CAA has been in the news of late.

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