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Killers rehearsed murder of Kamlesh by slaughtering animals halāl-style

Killers Ashfaq and Moin received weapons training for about five days before the conspirators were confident they could murder Kamlesh Tiwari

The killers of Hindu Samaj Party head Kamlesh Tiwari had planned to eliminate him publicly during the party’s national executive meeting. Rashid Ahmad Pathan alias Rashid of Surat, Maulana Mohsin Sheikh and Faizan Yunus and the assassins Sheikh Ashfaqul Hussain and Moinuddin Pathan have revealed this during interrogation. They said that they wanted to kill Kamlesh in his house to give a message that this would be the fate of those who abused Prophet Mohammed.

State president of Hindu Samaj Party Pushkar Rai Monu said that Tiwari was supposed to attend the party’s national executive on 19 October before leaving for West Bengal. Other office-bearers of the party, including the president of the West Bengal unit of the party, were to attend the meeting, too. The party had planned an agitation and sit-in protest against the Mamta Banerjee government to protest against the killing of Hindus in that state.

The meeting was to be held in a guesthouse located near Khurshid Bagh of Lucknow, but the place was not found vacant on the scheduled date. So, the meeting was pushed to 20 October. Kamlesh Tiwari was to go to West Bengal on 22 October after the meeting.

The killers told the police and the ATS that they were not supposed to attend the meeting, but the message they had to give by killing Kamlesh would then be not so loud and clear. When the police asked about the possibility of calling Kamlesh to Gujarat or killing him among their associates in Bareilly, the killers said that would have been a bad idea. They said that if Kamlesh had been killed in Surat, their motive would not have been served.

After the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, Sheikh Ashfaqul Hussain and Moinuddin Pathan were sure that they would not survive. They had, therefore, told Rashid and his wife while leaving Surat for Lucknow that they were ready to die after killing Kamlesh. They had said that if they killed Kamlesh in the midst of a crowd, people would catch them and they would perhaps be lynched. The death of Tiwari would then be construed as his martyrdom. So, they asked Rashid and his wife to ask the police for their bodies in such a situation so that they could be given a decent burial.

Sheikh Ashfaqul Hussain and Moinuddin Pathan practised slitting the throats of animals halāl-style before killing Kamlesh in a similar fashion. Sources in the police said that the officers interrogating the killers and conspirators were agitated when the entire plot was revealed before them,

Ashfaq told the officers he had never held a knife before, let alone killed anyone, but the idea of avenging the abuse of Islam motivated him enough for the act, sources said. Along with Rashid Pathan, Mohsin Sheikh and Faizan, Ashfaq and Moin hatched the conspiracy to kill Kamlesh. The weapon to be used for the murder was as yet not fixed.

Ashfaq and Moin said that they had no experience of wielding pistols or any other weapon either. But they were trained for the criminal act. Rashid said that he bought a pistol for Rs 6,000 and made Ashfaq and Moin fire several rounds.

The arms training went on for five days until the conspirators were sure that the killers could do the job.

Both Ashfaq and Moinuddin suffered injuries in their hands while carrying out the murder of Kamlesh. Police sources said that Kamlesh struggled when he was attacked. As a result, a bullet pierced through a finger of a hand of Moin while Ashfaq’s hand got slashed by his knife as Kamlesh fought to survive while being repeatedly stabbed.

According to the police, one of the killers held Kamlesh’s face for a clear shot. But either due to a struggling Kamlesh or because of the killers’ lack of adequate arms training, there was a misfire that injured Moin’s hand. As reported in the Sirf News story on Kamlesh Tiwari’s autopsy, only one bullet has been found that had pierced through the victim’s chin. Once the killers are brought to Lucknow, complete information will be available.

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