Sunday 9 May 2021
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Kerala voters find 20 lakh Bangladeshi infiltrators in their midst

After Kerala Chief Electoral Officer Teeka Ram Meena had said earlier this week that the ruling CPM-led LDF had manipulated and tampered with the electoral rolls in the state, a preliminary probe by district collectors has revealed that there has been widespread manipulation in the voters’ list. The collectors found that there were thousands of multiple entries in the list in the name of the same person, said the CEO.

Meena had ordered the probe following a complaint by Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala that the CPI(M) had included more than four lakh fake names in the state’s electoral rolls to subvert public opinion.

In January, senior Kerala Congress leader and former minister KC Joseph had alleged that the ruling CPI(M) had deployed hundreds of government officials with party affiliations to include fake names in voters’ list across the state.

The assistant electoral registration officer in Kasaragod district has been suspended after it was found that he had issued five electoral photo identity cards to one person.

Meena said that the cards had been issued to the same voter without the recommendation of the booth level officer concerned.

Pro-BJP educational entrepreneur Prof Stanly Sebastian has some shocking information to share. “There are 20 lakh Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims who have made Kerala their home since 2005,” he says.

“All these people migrated to Kerala during the UPA regime at the Centre and they travelled from West Bengal and Assam to Kerala. The UDF and LDF Governments that had ruled Kerala during this period offered them ration cards and voters identity cards and it is these voters who are going to decide the destiny of the State,” said Prof Sebastian.

Sebastian said the Hindus and Christians in Kerala are certain to face the wrath of these Islamists in days to come. “If the Centre wants to save the people of the State, the names of these 20 lakh illegal immigrants should be removed from the voters’ list at the earliest,” said Sebastian who has been closely studying the migratory pattern of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas who have made Kerala their home.

Many top intelligence officials in Kerala had expressed concern over the uncontrolled influx of Bangladeshis into Kerala illegally through the open borders in the eastern sector. Suhail, head of a six-member Bangladeshi family that has settled in Ernakulam, said that they had got help from the Indian side to make it to Kerala.

Siby Abraham, former President of Paippadu Panchayath in Kottayam district was the first one to come out with the disclosure that thousands of illegal immigrants in his panchayath were from Bangladesh. These migrant workers numbering thousands had taken out a procession on 30 March 2020  in the town demanding immediate travel arrangements to their villages in Assam and Bengal. Abraham had said though these people claim that they were from the eastern States of the country, originally they were from Bangladesh. “Most of them have five to six identity cards in different names,” said this Congress leader.

Kerala goes to the polls on 6 April. The over confidence being seen in the LDF camps could be due to these illegal immigrants who are sure to vote for the CPI(M). It is not known how the ECI plans to tackle this vexatious issue.

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