Sunday 29 November 2020
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Kerala hospital staff attempts to rape COVID-19 patient

Ashwin Krishna, who was working at the hospital allegedly tried to rape a female COVID-19 patient after luring her on the pretext of meeting the doctor

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Crime Kerala hospital staff attempts to rape COVID-19 patient

In the second such incident reported from Kerala, a private hospital staff allegedly attempted to rape a COVID-19 patient in Kozhikode district. The police have arrested the accused, identified as 34-year-old Ashwin Krishna.

According to local police, the offender attacked the victim at Malabar Medical College College in Ulliyeri area of Kozhikode district on 15 November night. 

Ashwin Krishna, who was working at the hospital, allegedly tried to rape a woman COVID-19  patient after luring her on the pretext of meeting the doctor. The complainant alleged that Ashwin took her mobile number from the hospital register and messaged her on WhatsApp. 

The patient, who felt uneasy with the conversation, informed the doctor about it. 

Later, Ashwin came to the patient’s room and informed her that the doctor wanted to meet her. She was then taken to the 4th floor in a lift. The accused allegedly forced her out of the lift and tried to rape her. 

The patient quickly escaped from the spot and informed other patients and hospital staff. 

Later, the patient, along with others, confronted Ashwin at the hospital reception. Based on her complaint, Atholi Police arrested Ashwin and remanded him to custody. The hospital has suspended the accused from service.

Earlier in September this year, a 20-year-old COVID-19 patient was sexually assaulted by the ambulance driver while on the way to the COVID care centre.

Violating the COVID norms, there were no officials from the health department present in the ambulance along with the two women who were being taken to the COVID centres. The patient later narrated her ordeal to the hospital authorities. Noufal, a native of Kayamkulam and an accused in a murder case was arrested by the police in connection with the case.

The shocking incident took place in the morning early hours while the victim along with another girl was taken to the COVID centres in Pathanamthitta. As per the directions of the health department, one of them was dropped at a hospital in Kozhanchery hospital. The driver stopped the vehicle at a deserted area in Arunmula and sexually assaulted the 20-year-old.

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