Wednesday 14 April 2021
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CrimeKerala: High-profile racket busted; minor drugged, raped for months

Kerala: High-profile racket busted; minor drugged, raped for months

After the girl's rescue, Kerala Police registered seven cases in relation to the racket; Childline officials say seven people are involved

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A case of sexual assault has led to the exposure of a drug and sex racket that had been operating in Kerala. Miscreants that make the racket allegedly drugged and raped a 14-year-old girl from Malappuram, Kerala, repeatedly for months. 

The ‘Childline’ (helpline to address crimes against children) in the district busted the racket and rescued the teenager. The racket used to reportedly target school-going girls via Instagram. 

After befriending the girls, the accused would drug and abuse them sexually. Kerala Childline rescued the teenager last week. 

The girl said that she had initially been given ganja (cannabis). Following this, the suspects gave her hashish oil and cocaine. They did not stop here. They brought drugs that could be injected. Then they raped the girl for months.

She was repeatedly raped inside her house, she said, during the nights when her family was asleep. According to some reports, the girl would secretly open the door for the rapists and they would sexually exploit her after administering her strong doses. 

The authority, after rescuing the girl, sent her to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). The teenager is reported to be struggling with withdrawal symptoms.

The police have registered seven cases in relation to the racket. While the Kalpakanchery police suspect that 7 persons are involved in the racket, only one has been arrested so far.

Officials of Kerala Childline said that the girl’s case was just the tip of the iceberg. More girls must have fallen into the trap and are fearing to come forward with their complaints, they said.

The racketeers have been indulging in child pornography too, officials said.

Earlier this week, Mumbai Police had busted a ‘sextortion’ racket that targeted high-profile celebrities and MLAs. The accused used to contact their targets on WhatsApp and screen adult sex content for them. They recorded the reactions of the targets and later blackmailed them with videos. The accused allegedly demanded money from the victims in exchange for not posting the videos on social media.

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