Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Kerala HC defied: Communists block ISRO truck for extortion

'… nokku-kooli is damaging the image of Kerala, must be eradicated; It gives… wrong perceptions about the state,' the Kerala HC said last week

Hardly two days had passed since the Kerala High Court ordered the state to stop the practice of nokku-kooli (“gawking wages” literally), a mob of communist union activists stopped a of the Indian Research Organisation (ISRO) on Sunday, allegedly demanding wages. An employee of ISRO Rajeswari, tasked with ensuring the offload of the cargo before noon, said that the miscreants demanded money to allow the vehicle into the Vikram Sarabhai Centre (VSSC) facility in Thumba.

The woman employee of ISRO said that the cargo was so heavy that it could not be offloaded with the use of only hydraulic systems. Despite this, she said, the communist workers wanted money for moving the cargo with their hydraulic systems. She said since the time the VSSC was set up after acquiring land of the local residents, a practice of paying the union affiliates whenever goods arrive has been the norm.

The worker hoped this practice would stop and said she would lodge a complaint. She said a labour officer had visited the scene and talked to the people. Government and senior police officials intervened to resolve the issue, she said.

said they had received a complaint from ISRO at around 11 AM, based on which they reached the spot and found the workers blocking the truck.

On reaching the spot, the cops encountered leaders and activists of CITU, the union of the ruling CPI(M) leading the extortion bid.

ISRO truck blocked in Kerala by CITU members seeking "gawking charge"
ISRO blocked in Kerala by CITU members seeking “gawking charge”

Nokku-kooli is a euphemism used in Kerala locally for extortion by organised labour unions.

Two days ago, hearing a plea filed by a businessman from Kollam over the issue, the Kerala High Court had said that the rights of the headload workers should be protected legally and petitions seeking action on those demanding nokku-kooli were on the rise.

“The practice of nokku-kooli is damaging the image of Kerala. It should be eradicated. It gives out wrong perceptions about the state. Meanwhile, the rights of the headload workers should also be protected,” the court said.

On 1 May 2018, the state government had banned the practice.

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