Friday 1 July 2022
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Kerala café among jokers who believe their ‘sanctions’ make a difference

A Twitter user joked that the eaterie in Kerala seemed to have taken a meme with Russian President Putin in it very seriously

As Moscow’s devastating invasion of Ukraine enters Day 9, a café in Kerala has cancelled ‘Russian salad’ from their menu. The Kashi Art Café in Kochi has put out a board outside the establishment that says: “In solidarity with people of Ukraine, we have removed ‘Russian salad’ from our menu.”

A photograph of the announcement is being circulated on social media.

Many have been critical of the café’s move terming it ‘bigotry against Russians’. Several countries have been boycotting Russian products in solidarity with Ukrainians as the war rages.

Stores across US and Canada have boycotted Russian vodka, people were seen on videos emptying out vodka bottles. Several supermarkets have also taken Russian vodka and other products off shelves.

Italy’s main University in Milan has banned Fyodor Dostoevsky because he’s a Russian writer. Several other countries have also banned Dostoevsky – an author who was sent to a Siberian labour camp for reading banned books critical of the Tsar rule in Imperial Russia.

Many expressed displeasure at the growing chain of boycotting everything Russian.

“It’s kind of hilarious to see all those “experts” claiming that the Russian people will depose Putin while at the same backing the biggest Russophobia campaign in history, cancelling everything from Dostoevsky to Russian cats. Don’t they see even a tiny disconnect here?” someone asked.

invaded Ukraine last Thursday and the crisis has been escalating since. Thousands of Ukrainians have been defiant and shown exemplary courage by defending their country on the ground. President Volodymyr Zelensky has refused to get evacuated and is on the ground in Kyiv as Russians continue their offensive for the ninth day.

There has been a fierce clampdown on social media in even as thousands of Russians protested against the war by taking to the streets. Several payment apps like Apple Pay has snapped operations in in retaliation leading to serpentine queues outside banks amid an increasing crunch and severely hit economy.

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