Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Kerala bishop accuses Muslims of waging love, drug jihad

Speaking at a church celebration in Kerala, Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt said they had realised that in India, taking up weapons was not easy

The bishop of a church bishop in Kerala, Joseph Kallarangatt, has alleged that young Catholic girls were largely falling prey to “love and narcotic jihad” in the state. He said that these tactics are being used to destroy non-Muslims while addressing devotees on 9 September. 

Speaking at a church celebration in Kottayam (Kerala) Kuruvilangadu, Kallarangatt said, “They have realised that in a democratic country like India, taking up weapons and destroying others is not easy and have adopted various tactics to target non-Muslims. In the eyes of jihadis, non-Muslims should be destroyed. Two weapons are being employed and that includes love jihad and narcotic jihad.”

The bishop from said further, “Jihadis, through love or other means use women from other religions for converting and misusing them for terrorist activities or to make economic gains,” adding “Jihadis are those who are trained to lure a girl and brainwash them to disown their parents, their beliefs and religion.”

“These are not love marriages, it is a war strategy. We are opposing this love jihad,” Kallarangatt said and claimed that the increase in the selling of drugs is ample proof of `narcotic jihad` where the life of a non- youth is being destroyed under the influence of drugs.

The bishop said that those trying to prove that there is no love jihad are feigning ignorance, said “There is a plan going on to forcefully bring in thoughts and all Catholics should be aware of this and be watchful.” 

The news of Muslims from joining the had surfaced after the state government contacted various central agencies in 2016 about the veracity of reports of 19 missing people. A few relatives of these reportedly stated that their kin has joined the IS.

These 19 suspects comprised 10 men, six women and three children. Of these, most of them hail from Kasargode and a few from Palakkad. They include former Christians and Hindus.

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