Saturday 25 September 2021
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Kerala and Taliban: LeLi blast Tharoor

When INC leader Shashi Tharoor voiced the concern of the radicalisation of youth in Kerala, the LeLi worried it may trigger a hate campaign

On 17 August, Indian National Congress (INC) leader Shashi Tharoor suggested that the Islamic radicals from Kerala, who have been recently joining the Islamist terror group ISIS, may have joined the ranks of the Taliban. The terrorists in Afghanistan, who draw inspiration from the Salafi school of Islamic jurisprudence (which also drives the Deoband seminary in India), has taken over the rocky country, triggering an apprehension of human rights violation in the country as it spirals into chaos.

Tharoor was attacked by the left-liberal (LeLi) for voicing concerns over people from Kerala turning fanatic.

Known for whitewashing the excesses of followers of Islam, The Quint‘s Aditya Menon took exception to Tharoor’s concerns about the radicalisation of youth from Kerala.

Menon had pledged to convert to last year.

An upset Menon held Tharoor responsible for letting the uncomfortable truth known to ‘Sanghis’. Menon had earlier defended Islamists like Sharjeel Imam who wanted Muslims to sever Assam from the rest of India.

The Kerala journalist accused Tharoor of cosying up to the RSS.

Others in the LeLi gang said Tharoor’s opinion about Kerala would ‘help’ the right-wing ecosystem.

Rather than finding a solution to issues such as Islamic radicalisation of the youth in Kerala who end up joining ISIS, the LeLi were worried that Tharoor had triggered a ‘hate campaign’.

Later, Tharoor tweeted how Nimisha Fathima, an ISIS bride from Kerala who had left for Afghanistan to join the ISIS, was among the 5,000 prisoners released by Afghanistan. According to a report in Mathrubhumi, 21 or more people from the country had left for Afghanistan to join the ISIS, many of them from Kerala.

However, while Nimisha had left for Afghanistan to join ISIS, the LeLi questioned why Tharoor must link Kerala to the Taliban.

A Twitter account with the flag in the name accused Tharoor of “betraying” the state for “hate spewers”.

Kerala: Hotbed of Islamic radicalisation

Just yesterday, K Bindu, a native of Thiruvananthapuram and the mother of Nimisha Fathima, has urged the Indian government to bring her daughter and four-year-old grandchild back from Afghanistan. This comes days after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and the Ashraf Ghani-led government collapsed.

On 6 August, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted searches at five locations in Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka in the case of ISIS modules in Kerala and arrested four terror operatives. They were identified as Obaid Hamid of Bemina in Srinagar, Muzammil Hassan Bhat of Bandipora in Kashmir, Ammar Abdul Rahman of Ullal Mangalore and Shankar Venkatesh Perumal aka Ali Muaviya of Bengaluru. NIA had registered a suo motu case against seven known and other unknown accused persons under sections of the Indian Penal Code and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act on March 5 this year pertaining to terrorist activities of one Mohammed Ameen aka Abu Yahya of Kerala and his associates, who have been allegedly running various ISIS propaganda channels on different social media platforms for propagating ISIS ideology and recruiting new members.

Today, the NIA arrested two women, allegedly ISIS operatives, hailing from Thana in Kannur in connection with the ISIS Kerala Module case.

The women identified as Mizha Siddeeque and Shifa Harris have been accused of supporting and propagating ISIS ideology over social media platforms and also trying to radicalise and recruit new members for the outlawed terror group.

The NIA had registered the ISIS Kerala module case in March in connection with the terrorist activities of Malappuram native Mohammed Ameen alias Abu Yahya and his associates.

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