Saturday 21 May 2022
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Kejriwal uses Punjab Police to get even with Vishwas, Lamba

Punjab Police is reportedly after the two former comrades of the AAP convenor, Kumar Vishwas and Alka Lamba, for their statements against Arvind Kejriwal

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users today slammed the Aam Aadmi Party led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for using the force of Punjab — alleging he always craved the power of commanding men in khaki but could not get it from the national capital, a partial state — to settle scores with his former party colleagues Kumar Vishwas and Alka Lamba. Punjab Police, which reached the house of poet Kumar Vishwas this morning, has now knocked on the house of Indian National Congress leader too.

Annoyed by Punjab Police’s arrival at his house, Vishwas tweeted, “Early in the morning, Punjab personnel arrived at my gate. At one point, it was I who had brought Bhagwant Mann to the party. Today I am warning him that the person sitting in Delhi, whom he is allowing to play with the power given by the people of Punjab, will one day cheat him and Punjab too. The country must remember my warning.”

Lamba shared the information by tweeting as did Kumar Vishwas. The former leader who is now back in her old party tweeted, “Punjab has reached my house…”

Earlier, Lamba had tweeted even when the had reached Kumar Vishwas’s house. She had written, “Now it must be understood why the Aam Aadmi Party needed the police. Just like BJP to intimidate and suppress their opponents. Have some shame, Kejriwal ji.”

Although it is not yet clear in connection with what case Punjab are chasing Lamba, a section of the media, as well as many users, say that like Kumar Vishwas, a case must have been registered against her for any statement they made about the party or its national convener Kejriwal.

A former member of the AAP, reacting to the development, quipped: “Kejriwal should get a contingent of Punjab Police to sit in Delhi and as soon as someone speaks against him, the Punjab Police should take action against him. It is indeed historic for the CM of Delhi to pass such an order on the Punjab Police!”

Yogesh Mandhani, whose tweet has been cited above, was a founding member of the AAP.

Lamba had left the AAP after differences with Kejriwal. She is often critical of her former party boss. She was in charge of campaigning for the during the Punjab assembly election.

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