Monday 17 January 2022
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Kejriwal attacks Banerjee: No opposition bonhomie in Goa

After the INC, it seems the Trinamool Congress has irritated the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party, as the Delhi chief minister, who is in Goa to expand his party’s footprint through the 2022 election, tore into the West Bengal-based party, which is equally trying to justify the “all India” tag in its name.

Addressing reporters, Kejriwal said, “I think you people give a lot of importance to the Trinamool Congress. I think it does not have even a 1% vote share as of now. It came to Goa only three months ago and democracy does not work like this. You need to work hard; you need to work with the people.”

Following his time-tested strategy of discrediting other challengers for power, which the chief minister of the city-state of Delhi had employed while fighting the Sheila Dikshit-led INC in the city, calling an assumed rival Vijay Goel “corrupt”, he remarked, “You might give a lot of importance to the Trinamool Congress, but I do not think it stands anywhere in the race.”

Weeks ago, Kejriwal had referred to Banerjee as his “elder sister” and said “even if she fights elections against me or slaps me I will not stop respecting her. I am not concerned with who leads the opposition but our country should benefit”.

In Goa, the and Trinamool Congress are face-to-face, with Banerjee’s party posing a direct threat to the INC with which it shares a love-hate relationship.

In contrast, Banerjee and Kejriwal are known to get along well. In June 2018, when Kejriwal was leading a dharna with his ministers, accusing Lieutenant Governor (L-G) of Delhi of interfering in the city’s governance, Banerjee was among the chief ministers to meet his family to express solidarity in his fight against the BJP-led union government, which appoints the L-G.

Kejriwal and Banerjee have also participated in election rallies of each other and publicly expressed support for each other on several occasions.

The two politicians had last met on 28 July during a Delhi visit of Banerjee. While Kejriwal had announced in January that the would contest in the Goa election, Banerjee made her plans public in September.

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