Saturday 21 May 2022
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Kejriwal asks for The Kashmir Files on YouTube

The BJP had asked the AAP government in Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal why The Kashmir Files had not been declared as tax-free in the national capital city

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In a typical socialist jibe aimed at wrecking the film industry’s finances but in a manner cleverer than average leftists, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has asked the makers of The Kashmir Files, Vivek Agnihotri, to upload the film on YouTube so that everyone could see it. This comes a day after BJP legislators in the Delhi assembly interrupted the ongoing budget session, demanding that the movie The Kashmir Files be made tax free in the state, Chief Minister Kejriwal said that if the filmmaker wants everyone wants to watch the movie, he should release it on YouTube so that it is available to everyone.

Aaj sare desh ki saari Bharatiya Janata Party ek picture ke poster laga rahi hai gali-gali men. Isliye rajneeti karne aaye thi? Picture ke poster lagane? Apne bachhon ko kya javab doge? … Aath saal kendriya sarkar chalane ke baad agar kisi desh ke pradhan mantra ko Vivek Agnihotri ke charno main sharan leni pade, toh iska matlab hai uss pradhan mantri ne aath saal main koi kaam nahi kiyaKah rahe hain The Kashmir Files tax-free karo. Arre, YouTube pe daal do, free hi free ho jayegi. Tax-free kyon kara rahe ho? Itna hi tumhe shauq hai, Vivek Agnohotri ko bol de, YouTube pe daal dega. Saari picture free hai, saare jane dekh lenge ek hi din ke andar, (Today, BJP across the country is putting up posters for a movie in every street. Did you come into politics to do this? What will you tell your children when you go home… If a Prime Minister of a country, after running a country for right years, has to seek refuge in the feet of Vivek Agnihotri, it means he hasn’t done anything in his tenure. They are saying make Kashmir Files tax free. Put it on YouTube, it will be free for all. Why do you want it to be tax-free? If you want this done so badly, tell and he will put it on YouTube. Everyone will watch it in one day),” Kejriwal said in the Delhi assembly.

Agnihotri has been braving this question from a plethora of leftists and communists, including a Madhya Pradesh IAS officer working with the state PWD Niyaz Khan, who, while not criticising the content of The Kashmir Files, are seeking free viewing of the movie.

The movie has already been declared tax free in BJP-ruled or NDA-ruled Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh among other states.

“I read it in a newspaper yesterday that a BJP MLA in Haryana was screening the movie for free in a park. tweeted immediately, asking (Haryana Chief Minister) Manoharlal Khattar to make sure that people buy the tickets to the movie. Some people are earning crores of rupees in the name of Kashmiri pandits and you (BJP) leaders have been asked to put up posters. What are you doing! Open your eyes. They are treating you like sheep,” Kejriwal added.

Kejriwal also said that the BJP had not been of any help to the people of Delhi, where all work was done by his government.

“Even Hitler employed his lackeys. What did you get? Did your children get jobs, made arrangements for food and power? Only Kejriwal works for you. I gave jobs to 12 lakh youngsters of Delhi, improved schools and hospitals. If someone is unwell in your house, Kejriwal gets them medicine, not (Prime Minister) Modi. I want to tell all BJP workers and supporters, to open their minds a bit and stop this mindless following. They are treating you like sheep. All of you quit BJP and join AAP. You will be respected, we will not make you raise false slogans and we won’t make you put up posters of these false movies either. Do whatever, don’t promote a movie. You came into politics to do bigger, better things,” he said.

Kejriwal, who uses taxpayers’ money to earn plaudits for subsidies, has infamously questioned the earnings of companies and individuals employed in the private sector time and again. He had once shamelessly questioned how much salary Times Now gave to Arnab Goswami when the journalist used to work as the chief editor of the said media house.

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