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Anger management, career and relationships


Today we deal with another five individuals, two of whom share some characteristic traits. Four of the questioners do not appear to be in a good shape as of now, but the graph of life is likely to go up if adequate care is taken in temper and temperament management. Besides the pieces of astrological advice that follow, prayers will help these souls.

Questioner born in Hyderabad in 1988: How will my life be from a financial point of view? Right now, it looks very bleak.

You are often caught in the horns of a dilemma. You get angry too soon, and you are generally aggressive. Your fortune will look up after 6 December 2018. You are advised to wear red coral, pearl and/or yellow sapphire.

Questioner born in Chennai in 1978: I am working on a very big project. Will it be a success? How do I ensure it?

You are another aggressive person often caught in two minds. Your life may look up after 2018. You must be careful to avoid diseases, accidents and injury. The success in your project depends on your temperament. Avoid picking up fights with people, especially those on either side involved in the project.

Questioner born in Jorhat in 1984: Looking for general predictions.

You are going through a low phase these days. The scenario will improve after 18 March 2018. Wear a diamond and/or an emerald for better results.

Questioner born in Bengaluru in 1988:  I have had several relationships before and they are all over. I would like to know about my marital life. What is the ideal time for me to get married?

If you are not married yet, you may get married after March this year. However, your chart suggests you will be in and out of extra-marital relationships after marriage.

Questioner born in Tamil Nadu (exact place of birth withheld) in 1991: I got married three months ago and have moved abroad after marriage, leaving my job. I would like to know if I will be able to find a career again and follow my passion, which is teaching. I would like to know in general about my career prospects.

You will certainly get a job abroad. Your future looks good on foreign land. You may get a job by 10 May this year.

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