Monday 27 June 2022
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Kedarnath: Modi rarely spoke politics from this shrine

Other than October 2017, in no other visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Kedarnath, an abode of Lord Shiva, did he speak like a politician

Kedarnath: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Baba Kedarnath Dham just before the results of the Lok Sabha election 2019. Modi reached the doorstep of this shrine of Lord Shiva before the polling on 59 seats in eight states, including Varanasi, on 19 May, the last phase of the Lok Sabha election.

Prime Minister narendra Modi meditates inside a holy cave in Kedarnath

After worshipping Lord Shiva in this historic temple, the prime minister inspected the development works in Kedarnath. The areas he inspected included the town of Kedarnath that was completely devastated by floods in 2013.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi has shared some pictures of the snow-clad mountains on his Twitter account.

Throughout the journey, he made sure the Election Commission’s model code of conduct is not violated. But even when there was no election due during his previous visits to Kedarnath, he mostly avoided speaking a politician’s lingo.

When Modi had visited Kedarnath for the second time in 2018, he had said that he felt very respected when came here. He had said that by bowing before Mother Bhagirathi on the banks of ancient river Bhagirathi, his mind gets peace.

Modi visited Kedarnath on the day next of Diwali in 2017. In that visit, Modi had said, “The Himalayas give a lot to those who love nature and those who seek spiritual knowledge. I request you to come here and see the beautiful beauty of the Himalayas.” This was at best promotion of tourism.

During his visit to the shrine in 2017, however, Modi had said that, with the blessings of Baba Kedarnath, the BJP government would take a lead in fulfilling the ambition of every Indian in the year 2022 too.

Prime Minister Modi had come on a visit to Kedarnath also in May 2017 After this visit, Modi had written in a tweet that he never ignored the heritage which has received historical pride.

When the shrine gates opened for the devotees for the first time after the devastation by the flash in Kedarnath in 2013, Prime Minister Modi had tweeted, “I am very happy that the Kedarnath’s holy entrance has once again been opened for the devotees. Best wishes to all the passengers!”

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