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Is this why Katappa had killed Baahubali?


anushka-as-devasena-in-baahubali-2New Delhi: In Baahubali: The Conclusion, the second part of Baahubali: The Beginning, the flashback shows Devasena (Anushka Shetty) — seen as the old, imprisoned woman in the first part of the series — as the princess whom the king of Mahishmati cannot marry, by the order of Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan). The super-ethical guardian of the kingdom, who drowns to save the son of Amarendra Baahubali (or Baahubali I essayed by Prabhas), had, in fact, dumped her ethics when she found out that while her son Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati) loved Devasena, the princess and Baahubali I loved each other. So that her son gets the princess, Sivagami issues the strange edict.

After being coronated, Baahubali I defies the mother queen’s order and marries Devasena. Consequently, Sivagami declares him persona non grata in Mahishmati. Bhallala Deva replaces him.

In the meantime, Kalakeya’s son assails Mahishmati to avenge his father’s defeat and death. It is beyond the wherewithal of Bhallala Deva to face the invading force of barbarians. Mahishmati, therefore, looks up to Baahubali I once again, and he comes to their rescue.

bahubali_2Bhallala Deva is now apprehensive of being overthrown by Baahubali I. Besides, the substitute king of Mahishmati and former rival of Baahubali I is still jealous of the latter because of defeat in love. So, Bhallala Deva orders Katappa (Sathyaraj) to kill Baahubali I.

Now, Baahubali I is no longer a part of Mahishmati and among the masters of Katappa. Further, it is binding upon the slave warrior to follow the orders of the occupant of the throne at any given point of time because his has been subservient to the king for generations. He executes the order, albeit reluctantly.

The YouTube channel of a certain Abhijit Sutar released a video in August last year claiming that the above was the story of Baahubali: The Conclusion. This is intriguing because a crew member of SS Rajamouli’s team, Krishna, a graphic designer at the Annapurna Studios, was arrested by Hyderabad Police’s cell for cyber crimes recently following a complaint by the filmmaker that the accused had leaked the story.

The police claimed at that point that they had omitted all online traces of the leaked story. Then how does this video still exist? In fact, more details of the story exist in sites such as Andhra Headlines and several other news and entertainment portals!

Equally strange is the fact that while Baahubali: The Beginning was released in July 2015 and the aforementioned arrest was made not before November this year, the video this report is referring to dates back to August of last year. This means that the story of the second part of the film was leaked barely a month after the release of the first part, but it took the producer of the film a year and three months to realise what damage to their future business had been done.

Strangely again, unlike story in The International Business Times, which has cited Asian Age as its source that talks of arrests of some students associated with the leak in Vijayawada, NDTV has linked the arrests to the crime of hoarding banned notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000.


The alleged, leaked story of Baahubali II is quite credible, which means if this is not (or no longer) the story of the sequel of Baahubali: The Beginning, the filmmaker has had to come up with an equally believable alternative script.

Industry sources said to सिर्फ़ News that the release of Baahubali: The Conclusion, which the filmmaker had promised to release in September 2016 through a parting message after the roll of cast at the end of Baahubali: The Beginning, got delayed by months not only because of unavoidable problems that the process of film production is known to face but also because the whole story had to be changed and several sequences had to be shot all over again.

It is equally possible that the ‘reason’ is a bluff circulated in the market to sustain the suspense that the first part of the film had ended with.

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