Saturday 28 May 2022
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Kashish Jaiswal believed love jihad was a myth until…

… the police found her body in a sack in the drain of Village Bhauri Bangla on Khajuri Road of Bhopal, murdered by her lover Akhtar Ali

In a generation where sensitising the Hindu population about the dangers of mingling with Muslims meets with disbelief and name-calling, a young Hindu woman called Kashish Jaiswal learnt the hard way that love jihad was a reality. It is but too late for the lesson, as she is no more. Her body was found in a sack on Khajuri Road of Bhopal on 24 July.

Police say that her boyfriend Akhtar Ali, who is currently absconding, murdered the girl. The police have been raiding his possible hideouts but with no success so far.

According to the police, Akhtar Ali’s electronic trail (mobile phone record) suggests he could be in some area bordering Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Two teams of cops are on the hunt.

The police have come to know what transpired in the between Kashish Jaiswal and Akhtar Ali. Sources say her well-wishers had warned her that her relationship with a Muslim man was fraught with risks, but she paid no heed to the counsel.

The body of 20-year- Kashish Jaiswal, resident of Mahavir Nagar, was found in a sack in the drain of Village Bhauri on Khajuri Road of Bhopal. Her family had informed the police about her disappearance. Later, the suspect Akhtar Ali informed the woman’s maternal uncle he had murdered her. The accused has been on the run since the murder.

The police once found his location in from where he left for Patna in Bihar. A police party is chasing the suspect even as the law enforcers have not been able to get information about the family of the suspect and their duration of domicile in the area. Police officers are avoiding the press and dodging questions on the probe.

Superintendent of Police North Vijay Khatri has said that police parties left for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in search of Akhtar Ali. The police say they will make a full disclosure of the suspect once he is arrested.

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