Thursday 24 June 2021
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Karva Chauth ‘contest’ in Haridwar; chief guest a Muslim

Why did a firm of Muslims pick Karva Chauth? If this were just business and they were not eyeing Hindu girls, why not look for Islamic events? And why did a self-styled Vedic group have to hire this firm for their ridiculous event, people are asking while sharing photos of the show.

While the scourge of love jihad has created an outcry across the country, Haridwar today witnessed a Karva Chauth competition organised by the Vedic Social Trust and Women Welfare under the leadership of Rishu Sharma who couldn’t find a Hindu to officiate over the event which was already burlesque as a man-wife relationship cannot be a discipline in a contest. The self-styled Vedic people made a certain Aaqib Mansuri the chief guest of the joke.

Shadab Salmani, a friend of Aaqib Mansuri, posed with the contestants at the end of the “Karva Chauth Contest”. Sirf News has published one of the photos of the ridiculous event, the type of which is in fashion in many cities across northern India (examples seen in smaller images around the central image above).

All the women and girls who participated in the Karva Chauth event arranged by the two Muslim guests’ firm Golden Dream were Hindus, of course.

No sooner did the event end, the news went viral. Many Hindus commented that if this is the extent of callousness families display publicly about their daughters, the community has no right to cry “love jihad” when things go south. “When an incident of love jihad occurs, Hindus look for organisations that would rescue the victim. Extremely embarrassing and condemnable,” read the message that came to Sirf News along with the photos of the event.

“Why did the event management company of these Muslim guys choose a Hindu event where they would find girls in abundance?” asked another message, adding, “don’t Muslims have special occasions for women or girls that the firm of Aaqib Mansuri and Shadab Salmani could target if doing business was their sole concern?”

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