Thursday 28 October 2021
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Kartik Aaryan — Yet Another Sushant?

Paavani Bhakta
Chief Editorial Consultant, Sirf News, commentator on socio-political issues

It’s become a habit to barely even acknowledge anything to do with Karan Johar — unscrupulous loser that he is, but Kangana Ranaut’s tweet supporting Kartik Aaryan made me hunt out the history behind it and react.

Who is Kartik Aaryan? A sweet-faced, capable actor who followed his dreams single-handedly and doggedly for years before finally making it on his own in Bollywood a couple of years back.

Unfortunately for Kartik though, he hurtled into focus when Sara Ali Khan, sitting next to her father Saif Ali Khan, quipped to this same nepotist on his ridiculous show Koffee with Karan, that she would to date Kartik Aaryan. Somewhere, warning bells should have rung then, but we tend sadly not to see the obvious.

And as is now past history, both soon entered into a rather public and open relationship, well-documented on social media. Though lately one is given to understand that post her involvement in a drugs case, she seems to have ended it. But that’s not confirmed yet.

Is it an ironic coincidence or a chalked out plan, that this same girl was in a relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput as well? And when it ended, Sushant’s story did too, almost within a year or more. Kangana, what do you think?

The trajectory is the same. A young unknown, handsome ‘outsider’ enters Bollywood. Hindu by birth, well-educated — hence automatically becoming more of an outsider in this medley of mean, manipulative morons. Goes on to work hard and somehow, without a godfather, reaches a fairly successful position in the Mumbai film industry.

But dogged by unknown, sadistic pressures, he feels he’s ‘there’ but yet not. He’s not part of the gilded circle, that of the Khans, the Johars — aka the Muslim underworld controlled cabal in Bollywood. And again, he falls into the same trap. The desire to be accepted, acknowledged by them. Unfortunate really, the tricks that an innocent mind falls prey to. He goes on to sign a film with Dharma Productions, in the that he has now reached more or less his peak.

While in Sushant’s case, his film with Dharma was a dud- easily the worst I have seen recently, directed by probably the spot-boy on the set. A disastrous debacle of the superlative talent of an actor.

In Kartik’s case though, even the trouble of taking all that effort has not been made. He was signed, shot with, and then summarily removed on charges of ‘creative differences’, ‘attitude’ and ‘unprofessional behaviour’. Who decides that really? And what kind of idiots do they think the Indian public are? That an actor who has struggled so hard and probably thought that he had reached the pinnacle of his career by signing with Dharma Productions, is voluntarily going to commit hara-kiri with his own career? Seriously?

And what angers me the most is that predictably, the same prestitute media has so easily fallen in line with this scoundrel Johar. Not one has given a ear to Kartik, asked him what his side is. It’s only printed loud and clear, how he has been ‘kicked-out’ by Karan Johar. That he has been black-listed by the company and they will never work with him again. May I ask, who died and made Karan Johar king? What kind of language is this? Which century are we living in? Are we slaves to the British or the Mughals to be kicked around like wild animals? And the latest is that Dharma Productions has probably lost ‘20 crores’ in production costs in this fracas. Really? That amount would probably be a minuscule of the cost of that sorry specimen of a man’s hideously gross wardrobe!

And now the young man will soon become an outcast. No one will sign him on, he will be made to believe that he was a shooting star that has burned out and there will be no support system to help him because like Sushant, he comes from a family of simple people who probably don’t understand the first thing about this industry or it’s dirty politics.

Be warned, Kartik is a repeat performance of Sushant Singh Rajput. This mucky cesspool of jihadis and criminals will work overtime to make sure that this young man will either leave the industry of his own accord or eventually be pushed into such depression that his life may soon become too difficult for him to continue with it.

I am amazed at the games these wolves in the garb of sheep play. Since when has the industry become the playground of only the Muslims? There was a time when these very people changed their names to Hindu names to gain acceptance into the fold. Whether Dilip Kumar, Ajeet, Sanjay or Madhubala and Meena Kumari. When and why has this shift taken place? And why have we, as a country allowed it to happen? Pakistani singers and actors are welcomed here with open arms whereas Indian films are banned there. Why are we such a spineless people that we cannot protect what is ours?

Or is it the intolerance of a Muslim man who while openly marries Hindu women twice over, finds it difficult to accept that his own daughter should seek with a Hindu man? Love jihad if reversed is unacceptable?

We should demand that the press be balanced. That Kartik be allowed to tell his side of the story. That he be treated at par with the owners of any production house, whosoever they may be. He is as much a professional as they are. This is as much his industry as it is theirs.

We appeal that the rest of the production houses in the industry not stoop so low and isolate Kartik as they did when Sushant was cornered by these rascals. That they rally together and help him continue his journey to wherever he wishes to go.

We hope to see that his colleagues not shun him in deference to these rogues. That they believe in humanity enough to ensure that another amongst their own not be dragged into this quagmire and be allowed to sink underneath.

Or is it the religious intolerance of a Muslim man?
Soldier on, Kartik!

Hang in there, Kartik Aaryan. This a concerted game plan to make sure that you are defeated. That you are slowly but surely forced to self-doubt. That you spiral into self-destruction. Don’t let that happen, let Sushant be a lesson to you. Let his murder not go in vain. Learn from it and fight back with all your strength.

The truth will eventually prevail. And eventually, what goes around, comes around.

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