Karnataka mandate against unholy Congress-JD(S) alliance: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: BJP president Amit Shah on Monday said the saffron party had emerged as the single largest party in Karnataka with 104 seats but the Congress and JD(S) have formed an “unholy alliance” to subvert the people’s mandate. Shah said the Karnataka election had delivered an anti-Congress mandate that indicates a clear rejection of their misrule.

Justifying the attempt to form the government by BS Yeddyurappa, party chief Amit Shah said it is the “right” of the single largest party to form the government. Regarding Congress claims about the BJP creating a precedent in Goa and Manipur for exactly the opposite, he said the party had stepped forward in those states because the Congress didn’t.

“The Congress hadn’t staked a claim as ‘single largest party’ in these states. We did, and the Governor had no option,” Shah said two days after the dramatic resignation by BS Yeddyurappa in the Karnataka assembly ahead of the trust vote.

The resignation came amid intense criticism of the role of the Governor, who had invited the BJP to form the government despite the numerical strength of the Congress-JD(S) alliance. There were also raucous Congress claims that the BJP was trying to induce its lawmakers to change sides during the trust vote through bribery, coercion and abduction.

After Yeddyurappa stepped down in a surprise move, BJP sources indicated that the directions came from the party high command, who did not want to be tainted by allegations of horse trading in an election year.

“This is an anti-Congress mandate, no confusion about that. Their chief minister lost one election, won on a slender margin from the second seat,” the BJP chief said.

By Sirf News Network