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Karnataka: Hoysala-era Mahakali idol at ASI-protected temple vandalised


Vandals have destroyed the only Mahakali vigraha of a particular style (depicted in the photographs) commissioned by the Hoysala dynasty in the uniquely famous Lakshmi temple at Doddagadduvalli, Hassan, Karnataka. It is not just desecrated but completely destroyed, just like the Muslims used to do in the mediaeval times.

The criminals may or may not be Muslims, but the method in which the vigraha is destroyed certainly reminds us of Islamic vandalism. What does this mean? What does this mean if the criminals involved are Hindu by birth? That the deracination of Hindus that has been the state policy of the Indian state ever since we became independent is finally bearing fruits. This is not the first incident of its kind.

In 2017, the very ancient and unique Dholkal Ganesha was smashed to smithereens by Maoists. Maoists later denied and this might also be the handiwork of the peacefuls. Either way there are two lessons to be taken from this horrible incident.

The enemy of Hindu culture, heritage and civilisation is everywhere. The enemy is the follower of a prophetic monotheistic religion, Islam, which holds vandalism of Hindu and pagan vigrahas/ icons as one of its most central tenets.

While in the past, due to lack of constant radicalisation, there was an uneasy peace between them and the Hindu society for most of the time, now in the age of television and internet, the radicalisation is complete. The Muslim is daily inculcated with the hatred of everything Hindu, but most of all with the hatred of ‘Hindu idols’. For us they are gods. For them they are demons and their holy scriptures ― the Qur’an and the Hadith ― command them to destroy the vigrahas of Hindu gods. It is as simple as that. It is their religion, their duty to destroy the vigrahas of Hindu deities.

Karnataka Hoysala murti vandalised

The second conclusion to be drawn from this incident is that if the criminals are Hindus by birth then they represent a civilisation so deracinated that instead of worshipping and protecting these vigrahas with their own life, now they are reduced to steal, sell and destroy these vigrahas. This is a direct conclusion of a secular state. The longer we remain secular, even in concept, this will keep happening.

What to do? The first course of action is obvious. We need to inform Hindus more and more about the nature of Islam and how it commands its followers to destroy Hindu culture, vigrahas and temples, as for them, they are demons and nothing more.

The second course of action is obvious too. That we need to protect every piece of our heritage today with armed presence. During the course of our Hindu society was so aware of its enemies and their nature on one hand and what was worth preserving of their own heritage and culture on the other that even at the height of the Delhi Sultanate the writ of the barbarian Muslim invaders ran only in the cities. Their armies would be besieged by simple Hindu villagers in the countryside so much so that they were terrified of crossing the countryside.

Many Hindus laid down their lives just to protect the vigrahas of their gods as portrayed in the wonderful work by S Vijay Kumar ‘The Idol Thief’. And today with the active collusion of our state, education, media and academia along with every other aspect of our popular culture we have become so apathetic to our people, culture and society that some Hindus by birth are actually capable of doing something like this.

Image may contain: text that says "Thomas ThomasAlexander Alexander"
Before the desecration

Thus if the BJP or any other party at the centre claims to care about Hindu interests then it will have to recognize that Hindu heritage has to be protected by armed guard. There is no other option. We can no longer rely on aware Hindu society. The State has to step in, especially if it claims to care about Hindu interests. It is a sorry reality, but this is what it is.The other suggestion might seem radical, but the cost that State has to bear because of this has to be extracted from those whose ideology is responsible for this destruction of heritage. Tax on terrorism has to be instituted in future, if this menace has to be fought. Just like Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath extracted the cost of rioting from rioters, the cost of this vandalism has to be extracted from those who engage in it.

This (image above) is what we lost in Doddagadduvalli yesterday. This is the vigraha of Mahakali that was destroyed. It was beautiful beyond imagination, supremely sacred and in worship for more than 800 years and destroyed by a criminal yesterday.

It is nothing less than genocide, what is happening with the Hindu temples. We need to free our temples as soon as possible. We shall keep this beautiful vigraha in our mind and also the destroyed one so that it doesn’t happen to us again.

And hey you, mlechhas! Kali doesn’t take this lying down. You have invited calamity upon yourself. Your entire clans will be destroyed. Generations will be gone for this horrible crime.

Hindu deity desecration in Karnataka

Shivakant Bajpai, superintending archaeologist of Bengaluru Circle, Karnataka, said, “I have spoken to Hassan SP R Srinivasa Gowda about the incident and we will definitely take action against those who did it.” The ASI is being held responsible for the damage incurred by the idol.

Dr Shalvapille Iyengar, an ancient and archaeology expert, said, “The Bhadrakali or Dakshina Kali image of Doddagaddhavalli Chatushkuta temple is destroyed by miscreants. It is a great loss to our heritage. This temple was built in AD 1113 during the rule of Hoysala Vishnuvardhana. It is a unique temple of Mahalakshmi and Bhadrakali image is placed in the south sanctum.”

“Government should punish the miscreants in severe punishments. Now the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is celebrating the heritage week but at the same time heritage is damaged. This is a great loss to our heritage and History. ASI should answer for this great loss and they should be responsible for irreparable damage,” he added.

CT Ravi, BJP national general secretary, said, “Deeply disturbed and distraught to watch this desecration in Mahalakshmi Temple at Doddagaddavalli. I clearly remember my visit here.” He urged the Karnataka Home Minister to constitute a special team to investigate the matter and bring the to justice.

With inputs from The Hindu and Hassan News

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Pankaj Saxenahttps://www.sirfnews.com/
Author writing on history, Hindu architecture and literature, chief editor of Indic Varta, currently working at Centre for Indic Studies

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