Thursday 30 June 2022
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‘Karat is answerable for murder of Manoj’

BJP national executive member and former nationals secretary PK Krishnadas has called upon the (M) general secretary Prakash Karat to answer the reason for the killing of RSS district Elanthottil Manoj.

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Krishnadas said that CPM Karat had called upon the party cadre to implement the ‘Kannur model’ in all parts of the State while addressing a gathering in Kannur a week ago. Krishnadas said that after Karat’s open call, the communists have killed two RSS leaders. The first one was BMS local leader Suresh while the second one is Manoj. Krishnadas also demanded a CBI inquiry into the brutal killing of Manoj.

The RSS Kannur district Shareerik Shikshan Pramukh (head of physical training) and one of the foremost leaders of the troublesome district of Kannur for the RSS, E Manoj was laid to rest in the presence of thousands of activists of the RSS, BJP and VHP amidst chanting of sacred hymns at his residence in Kadirur near Thalassery, the epicentre of political violence in Kerala.

Manoj Kumar alias E Manoj was hacked to death while he was coming out of his house in a van along with his friend Pramod around 11 am on 1 September reportedly by goons while the gang also hurled bombs at a group of RSS swayamsevaks.

Manoj was attacked three times allegedly by the during 1996, 1999 and 2009; he had survived those attacks. This shows how desperately the CPM was trying to eliminate Manoj.

BJP State president V Muraleedharan, while speaking at the memorial of Manoj, said that the leadership had run out of ideas and was trying to suppress its political opponents by physically intimidation. This has been one political agenda that the party has been practicing for several years in Kerala, the State BJP president said.

RSS prantkarayavahak (State secretary) P Gopalankutty Master, addressing the gathering, said that the had been practising politics of violence for three decades in the Kannur district; however, they were not able to suppress RSS leaders by terrorising them. He called upon the cadre to stay on the ideological course set by Manoj and to increase the presence of the organization in all parts of the district and villages.

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