Sunday 23 January 2022
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Kapil Sharma makes light of ‘drunk tweet’ to PM

Kapil Sharma says he left for the Maldives and, on reaching, asked for a room with no net. They asked, ‘Have you got married?’ I replied, ‘No, I just tweeted.’

Comedian Kapil Sharma does not appear serious even when he seems to say he is sorry. Sharing snippets of his stand-up performance, which is a part of the promotional video shared by the streaming giant Netflix, he has referred to his infamous tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which he said was posted by him while he was “drunk”. He called it a “drunk tweet”.

“I left for instantly, I stayed there for 8-9 days. The moment I reached the Maldives, I asked them for a room with no internet. They asked, ‘Have you got married?’ I replied, ‘No, I just tweeted.’”

My stay cost me Rs 9 lakhs, which was less than what I spent on my education. That one line cost me that amount,” he said, added, “I want to sue Twitter.”

He said the microblogging site should have warned his followers that this was a “drunk tweet”. He said that while some of the were his responsibility, others were a result of liquor brands!

In 2016, Kapil Sharma had complained about the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation in a tweet to the prime minister where he wrote that he was paying Rs 15 crore income tax for the last 5 years and still he had to pay Ts 5 lakh ‘bribe’ to BMC office for making his office in its area of jurisdiction. Writing this, he tagged the prime minister.

Kapil Sharma will be seen in a special for Netflix titled I’m Not Done Yet, which is slated to premiere on 28 January. The show marks the first comedy special of Kapil Sharma with the streaming giant.

He is heard saying in the promo: “I have been working in this industry for 25 years now and close to 15 years in the TV industry.” He says, “I have never taken comedy seriously because we are joking around all the time and it comes naturally to us because we are from Punjab and we love joking around. And I didn’t know it was something you could get paid for.”

In the special, I’m Not Done Yet, Kapil Sharma gets candid about his life’s journey and shares it all in his own fun and relatable way.

“Netflix really attracted me with the Tudum sound and its global reach. You can say this special is my story in my own style.”

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