Monday 25 October 2021
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Kapil Mishra sensation, Swara Bhasker condescension: Sunday on Twitter

While Kapil Mishra trended on Twitter for issuing an ultimatum to Delhi Police to clear Jafrabad, Swara Bhasker made a joke of herself on TV


Almost the entire Sunday saw Kapil Mishra and Swara Bhasker trending among India’s top subjects of discussion on Twitter. BJP politician Mishra had today released a video on Twitter showing him standing next to a cop in riot gear where he gave Delhi Police an “ultimatum” of three days to clear the latest blockade in the capital city: Jafrabad. On the other hand, actress Swara Bhasker turned a butt of jokes after she came across as absolutely ignorant about the amended citizenship law (CAA) on a show on ABP News.

Demonstrations against the and NRC in Jafrabad in Shaheen Bagh-style started Saturday night. Kapil Mishra tweeted about a stage built in the Muslim-dominated area. He taunted people for staying quiet and said they wouldn’t care until the trouble reached their doorsteps: “चुप रहिए, जब तक आपके दरवाजे तक ना आ जाएं, चुप रहिए

Around 500 people, including a large number of women, gathered near the Jafrabad metro station this morning. Due to their demonstrations, the main road had to be closed. The DMRC closed the metro station due to security reasons.

Kapil Mishra tweeted this was another area where the law of India had stopped working. He reminded the people what Prime Minister had warned: that Shaheen Bagh was an “experiment”.

Be ready to lose roads, streets, markets and neighbourhoods one by one, Mishra cautioned.

Kapil Mishra tweeted later on, “I am giving Delhi police three-days ultimatum to get the roads in Jafrabad and Chand Bagh cleared. They should not reason with us after that (if they fail), we wouldn’t listen even to you, only three days.”

Kapil Mishra said police couldn’t ask for his restraint after US President Donald Trump leaves the country. The US president will be on a three-day visit to India, beginning tomorrow.

It was Chandrashekhar Azad of the Bhim Army who had called for demonstrations at Jafrabad, trying to swell his Dalit support base with the help of Muslims. Azad shares an uneasy relationship with BSP head Mayawati who fears his rise would put a dent in her support base as they both address the same constituency.

Swara, bas kar!

Twitter users trolled actress Swara Bhasker the whole of Sunday with condescending, derisive and snide remarks after watching her unable to answer questions on the and NRC on ABP News even though she had been provoking people against both for the past three months.

When Swara Bhaskar was asked about NRC on the show, she said it had “scary” provisions. When asked where the draft of the NRC was — the union government has made it clear it does not have a plan to introduce the exercise of filling the citizens’ register nationwide as of now — she said, “Ask this question to the government. Why are you asking me? Making a draft is not my business!”

On her opposition to CAA, Swara Bhasker said the government was not giving a clear answer. “So many people like me have to ask the government again and again. The government’s own preparation is not complete.”

When asked whether she had read the law, Swara said she had read parts of it. “But those who died in camps after the implementation of NRC in Assam, will they be asked too whether they have studied the law?” she posed.

Anchor Rubika Liyaquat asked Swara why was hyperventilating without knowing the subject, and in which language should the prime minister speak so that activists know there will be no NRC in the near future, Swara answered, “The prime minister ought not explain anything to me; let me explain it to the country’s home minister!”

Here are five hilarious takedowns on the actress’s performance or lack of it on television:

Swara Bhasker was trolled also for claiming she was 15 years old in 2010.

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