Monday 25 October 2021
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Kapil Mishra launches campaign seeking justice for Pandita killed by Islamists

Kapil Mishra has been uploading pictures contributed by people in India and Indians from across the globe who can be seen holding placards and posters that read 'Justice for Ajay Pandita,, 'Stop Killing Kashmiri Pandits' and more


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Kapil Mishra has launched a global campaign on social media in the wake of the assassination of Ajay Pandita, a Kashmiri Pandit and J&K sarpanch, by suspected Islamic radicals in the valley.

While Mishra is known for organising and leading protests on the roads, especially against stands taken by his former party, the AAP, amid the partial lockdown still enforced on the country, he has taken to Twitter to voice his concerns against the of the Kashmiri Pandit and others from the Hindu community in the Muslim-dominated union territory.

Kapil Mishra has been uploading pictures contributed by people in India and Indians from across the globe who can be seen holding placards and posters that read “Justice for Ajay Pandita”, “Stop Kashmiri Pandits” and more.

In a video message, an Indian based in Australia can be seen holding a poster that reads “#BlackLivesMatter #MuslimLivesMatter Why do Kashmiri Pandit and Hindu Lives don’t matter?” The video continued to show messages seeking justice for people killed in past including the Palghar Sadhu lynching and of Ankit Sharma in Delhi riots earlier this year.

Several people joined in the protest and sought justice for Ajay Pandita and used #HinduUnitedAgainstTerror”.

Earlier, Kapil Mishra took to Twitter to announce that a protest would be held on 14 June in the wake of of Ajay Pandita who was a Kashmiri Pandit and a sarpanch in Jammu & Kashmir. He had said that he’d spoken to people in USA, Australia, Britain, Singapore alongwith several India who have promised to participate in the protest. While announcing this, he said that keeping in mind all the social distancing rules, they will protest from their homes. Mishra also used #YourBulletsCantStopUs”.

The campaign will then move to America and Canada, Mishra said. Several cities in India will also participate in these protests on Sunday. The online protests are initiated by Kapil Mishra and supported by JKNow. The organisers have urged that all participants should protest from their homes and neighbourhoods and maintain social distancing norms during the protest. The protest will also be online on various social media platforms.

For the uninitiated, Ajay Pandita Bharti, a Sarpanch in south Kashmir’s Anantnag, was shot from a close range by terrorists and killed near his residence on Monday.

The Jammu and Kashmir unit of Congress on Saturday came down heavily on the ruling BJP on the eve of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s scheduled virtual rally in the Union territory, saying it was nothing but an attempt to divert attention of the people from the real issues facing the country.

“The country is faced with COVID pandemic which is growing out of proportion and magnitude besides the grave external mischief and threats by hostile neighbours like China, Pakistan and Nepal.

“The top brass of the government and ruling party are busy in addressing public rallies. They need to answer who is doing politics,” chief spokesperson of Pradesh Congress Committee Ravinder Sharma said in a statement here.

He said as the situation has turned “worse” on both the fronts and people have started questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government and its handling of the situation, the BJP crafted a “policy to divert the attention” of the people and engage them by holding virtual rallies by the top brass who are required to fully dedicate and devote to the most important assignments to deal with the “grave challenges”.

Days after her was killed by terrorists in Kashmir, Niyanta Pandita, daughter of Sarpanch Ajay Pandita Bharti, said she will follow the footsteps of her brave father who loved his country and was a true patriot.

“My was brave and I too have to be brave, we will not allow anybody to snatch our rights,” she said.

She said the terrorists who shot her had no courage. They didn’t have the guts to face him but shot him from behind.

She said her had demanded security cover from the government after a Sarpanch was killed in November last year. She said he did this because he was concerned about the fact that he was not alone but had a family with him. She said even though the security was not given, it didn’t deter or scare him to speak for his people and to work for them.

She said she, however, nurses a grievance to some extent about the unheeded call of his about security, if he would have been given the security, and his concerns had not been unheard then may be this would not have happened. She said the incident should serve as a lesson for the government that people’s concerns must not be taken lightly otherwise the results could be very bad.

She said her father was elected Sarpanch with the support of the people and he had contested Sarpanch elections on the insistence of the locals.

She said her father was not dependent on any party. He loved his country and worked for the upliftment of the people.

“He was the son of the nation. He doesn’t belong to any party,” she said.

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