Friday 27 May 2022
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Kapil Dev of 83 won’t sing: Filmmaker Kabir Khan

There won't be any lip-syncing songs because I don't think the audience will accept Kapil Dev singing on the streets of London. But needless to say, it'll be an energetic background score and album, Kabir Khan told reporters

Mumbai: Filmmaker Kabir Khan says his upcoming film on the 1983 World Cup will have an energetic album but no lip-sync songs as the audience will not accept Kapil Dev singing on screen.

The film, 83, features Ranveer Singh as Dev and chronicles the story of how the Indian team won their first World Cup.

“In 83, the music will be definitely important. It’s a sports film so the music will be motivational. There will be obviously a motivating anthem and songs of several moods in the film.

“But there won’t be any lip-syncing songs because I don’t think the audience will accept Kapil Dev singing on the streets of London. But needless to say, it’ll be an energetic background score and album,” Kabir told reporters.

Pritam Chakraborty is the music composer of the film.

The filmmaker was speaking at the studio launch of JAM8, founded by Pritam.

Kabir, who has collaborated with the composer in the past in films like New York, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tubelight, said Pritam is a “unique” talent. “He can surprise you a lot provided you pin him down and make him sit with you. Once he is in the flow, that’s when the magic starts happening. I’ve really enjoyed working with him. He’s a warm person,” Khan said.

Kabir says for 83, the major schedule will be shot in England from May to August. “The entire team is training. Veteran Test cricketer Balwinder Singh Sandhu is our coach, several are coming in. Kapil Dev sir, Madan Lal sir, all the 1983 cricketers will come,” he said.

“I’m enjoying a lot. It’s like a boot camp. Everyone trains for three hours, there’s physical and training as well,” Khan added.

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