Friday 27 May 2022
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Kapil advises Virat, BCCI to patch up

Kapil feels that, regardless of the situations that led Kohli to resign as the captain, one should respect his decision, given what he has achieved for cricket

Former India captain Kapil Dev has urged the BCCI and to sit together and sort out their mutual differences for the betterment of Indian cricket. In December, the BCCI had sacked Kohli as India’s ODI captain, which was followed by a period of turmoil in Indian cricket.

Ganguly and Kohli’s contradictory statements about BCCI’s reaction to Kohli’s decision divided the world, and when it seemed that all of this was under the bridge, Kohli dropped another bombshell when he relinquished India’s Test captaincy as well. Just like that, the most successful Indian Test captain’s tenure was over.

Kapil feels that regardless of the situations that led Kohli to resign as India’s captain, one should be respectful towards his decision given all that he has achieved for Indian cricket. When Kohli took over, India were seventh in the ICC Test rankings. From there to finish five years in a row as the No. 1-ranked Test team and winning Test series in Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka and almost in England is the standard Kohli has set, one that will be tough for his successor to match.

“These days you do not get surprised by much. When he quit the T20I captaincy, one thought perhaps there was too much on his mind. From what we have read and heard, nobody wanted him to give up captaincy (then or now). He is a fantastic player; we should respect his decision,” Kapil told The Week magazine.

While Kapil isn’t aware of the reasons behind Kohli’s decision, the country’s first World Cup-winning captain believes Virat should have been a little more patient with the BCCI. Having said that, just like everyone else, Kapil is eager to see Kohli the batter thrive and get back to his prolific run-scoring best.

“They should have sorted out the issues between them. Pick up the phone, talk to each other, put the country and team before yourself. In the beginning, I also got everything I wanted. But sometimes, you may not get it. That should not mean that you leave the captaincy. If he has left it because of that, then I do not know what to say. He is a fabulous player; [I want to] watch him play so much more and score runs, especially in Test cricket,” Kapil mentioned.

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