Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsKanika Kapoor a jihadi plant? Vasundhara Raje complicit or gullible?

Kanika Kapoor a jihadi plant? Vasundhara Raje complicit or gullible?

The credentials of two-hit wonder Kanika Kapoor, who made news for scaring the nation by hobnobbing with former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and her son and BJP MP Dushyant Singh at a party in Lucknow and with others in Kanpur, should raise many eyebrows. A plump-looking man seen in the photographs of the party gives credence to this theory.

This man seen in the company of Vasundhara Raje, Kanika Kapoor, actress Naina Balsaver and others in the Lucknow party is Adil Ahmad, an interior decorator whom the former chief minister of Rajasthan had employed for one of her houses. Adil was also the host of that party.

The inset in the photograph above is taken from Ahmad’s website “The Luxe Cafe”, which declares proudly “His star-studded project list includes Vasundhara Raje’s New Delhi home”.

But what has that got to do with jihad? Well, there are other nodes and internodes in the web. Let’s visit the other important dramatic personae in the Lucknow party.

Remember Yunus Khan? He was the PWD minister in Vasundhara Raje’s cabinet. He was fielded from Tonk in the Rajasthan election, where he lost, as did the BJP in the state. “Raje fought till the end to save PWD minister Khan, seen as her trusted confidant,” reported Hindustan Times after the election result was out, citing sources in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Raje’s soft corner or bonhomie with a certain community is, therefore, not new. It can go to the extent of turning suicidal.

It was common knowledge how the people of Rajasthan chanted “Modi, tujhse bair nahin, Vasundhara teri Khair nahin (no problem with you, Modi, but we won’t spare you, Vasundhara) as the state poll drew close. When the BJP was still not decimated — it was merely defeated — many traditional voters said they would not have wanted a change in the government if only the BJP had declared that they would not repeat then chief minister and some of her confidants in the next regime. But as a mainstream newspaper reported above, Raje can be fierce in defending her turf, even taking or prevailing on the central leadership of her political organisation.

The next important node in the web is Kanika Kapoor. The 41-year-old singer-actress has three children: daughters Aayana and Samara and son Yuvraaj, all of them being raised in England. With just two hits to her credit (“Baby Doll” and “Chittiyan Kalaiyan”), divorced in 2012 who pays for their pricey upbringing? It is certainly worth a probe by India’s intelligence agencies whether her divorced husband Raj Chandok or her doting father Rajeev Kapoor, a businessman who deals in electrical goods, is footing her bills.

To get the communal link, consider the fact that all the people she was screened with on her arrival from London were Muslim — as per our sources in airport security. If she is speaking the truth that she did not skip the screening, and yet it was not known until the party in Lucknow that she was COVID-positive, it indicates the rot has penetrated the system. That the custodians of India’s safety are compromised!

Is it the country’s compromised security system that led to a plethora of errors in the FIR against Kanika Kapoor?

Prof Chandrakant P Singh writes on Facebook: “Kanika Kapoor not following the Corona-preventive-measures after her return from England. But thousands of women flouting these norms collectively at Shaheen Bagh is no crime! Why? Why this hypocrisy? Is coronavirus religion-sensitive?” This was posted on 20 March, four days before the anti-CAA squatters were moved.

The professor writes further, questioning whether “the governments fear the tantrums of those behind the Shaheen Bagh occupiers who see in the corona pandemic an opportunity to quicken the arrival of Qayamat (the Day of Judgement) by exploding the crisis through themselves as Corona Carriers within the Indian territory”

Prof Singh says, “Isn’t it similar to 9/11 plane hijackers on a mass scale suicide mission? The sooner the self-loathing intellectually lazy Indian elite decodes the crisis the better for India and the world.”

“Incidentally, the Qayamat has to be preceded by Ghazwa-e-Hind (Jihad waged in India) as discussed in one of the six Major Authentic Hadiths (Sunan al-Sughara, Al-NASA’I, 3173-74-75) as Kitab-Ul-Jihad.” the professor concludes.

Kanika Kapoor could well be a jaan nisaar: one who is converted and indoctrinated at a young age and deployed in Islam’s holy war.

The question is whether Vasundhara Raje is privy to this possible conspiracy against India or she is a pawn in the global game of jihad, unaware of her puppeteer(s).

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Siddharth Raghuvanshi
Siddharth Raghuvanshi
Editorial Assistant of Sirf News with experience in covering sports and entertainment for Navbharat Times and Network 18's IBN Lokmat


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  1. What a terrible situation. What is wrong with Vasundhara Raje? Will Jyotiraditya Scindia behave likewise? BJP should stop being maudlin with this family.

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