Friday 15 January 2021
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Kangana: Sushant was killed as he ‘knew some dirty secrets’

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Crime Kangana: Sushant was killed as he ‘knew some dirty secrets’

Actor Kangana Ranaut has said that Sushant Singh Rajput was killed as he knew ‘some dirty secrets’ about Bollywood. She added, in a tweet, that she is willing to work with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) but would do so only after getting protection from the central government.

In a tweet on 26 August, she said: “I am more than willing to help @narcoticsbureau but I need protection from the centre government, I have not only risked my career but also my life, it is quiet evident Sushanth knew some dirty secrets that’s why he has been killed.”

Sushant’s US-based sister Shweta Singh Kirti supported Kangana in her request. Taking to Twitter and retweeting Kangana’s tweet about how the hashtag – Kangana Ranaut ko suraksha doh – was trending in India, Shweta wrote: “Requesting @PMOIndia @narendramodi to look into providing security for Kangana @KanganaTeam so that she can help with the investigation of @narcoticsbureau.”

After the drugs angle emerged on 26 August in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Kangana took to Twitter to talk about the drugs scene in Bollywood parties.

“I was still a minor my mentor turned tormentor used to spike my drinks and sedate me to prevent me from going to cops, when I became successful and got entry in to the most famous film parties I was exposed to the most shocking and sinister world and drugs,debauchery and mafia,” she had tweeted. 

She mentioned how cocaine is the most popular drug used in Bollywood parties. She had continued, “Most popular drug in the film industry is cocaine, it is used in almost all house parties it’s very expensive but in the beginning when you go to the houses of high and mighty it’s given free, MDMA crystals are mixed in water and at times passed on to you without your knowledge.”

Vikas: New pictures suggest ‘death by strangulation’

Vikas Singh, the lawyer hired by Sushant Singh Rajput’s father, has commented on the newly accessed photos of the actor’s body, taken by his sister and submitted by the family to the Central Bureau of Investigation. The family claims the photographs differ from the ones that were taken by an unidentified person and subsequently shared on social media.

In an interview, Vikas Singh doubled down on the murder theory and said, “I got some pictures earlier also on a WhatsApp group and I shared them with somebody in the forensic department, and he said that the pictures being circulated earlier were morphed.” The new pictures, accessed by media and shared with Vikas Singh, “are original pictures,” he said, as they have been taken by Sushant’s sister Meetu, who was among the first to arrive at his house on the day of his death.

Vikas Singh continued, “These lines on the neck, I got to know from somebody, these don’t look like a death by hanging at all. This looks like a death by strangulation.” He said more would be revealed once the forensic teams can analyse all the photos sent to them by the post-mortem team at the Cooper hospital and the Mumbai Police.

Sushant’s death case was recently taken over by the CBI, after the Mumbai Police ruled his death a suicide. A separate investigation into the financial angles is being carried out by the Enforcement Directorate, and the Narcotics Control Bureau is expected to investigate the drugs angle as well. Sushant’s father has accused his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty of abetting his suicide and siphoning off his funds.

Vikas Singh said that multiple pictures of the actor’s body were taken at both the site and during the post-mortem. “70 pictures were taken during the post-mortem,” he said, adding that the post-mortem report ‘has several serious loopholes’.

The lawyer also refuted the statements made by a member of Sushant’s house staff that the actor had consumed juice on the morning of his death, as the post-mortem report did not mention the presence of any juice in his stomach. Vikas Singh claimed to have spoken to a doctor, who had told him that if the death had happened within a few hours of Sushant having consumed the juice, it would have remained in his stomach.

Shweta: Rhea made 25 calls to him during a family visit

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case took a new turn when Rhea Chakraborty replied to the many allegations made against her by the late actor’s family, in an interview on 27 August. Her comment on Sushant’s relationship with his sisters and father didn’t go down well with his family. Sushant’s US-based sister, Shweta Singh Kirti, in an Instagram post, rubbished the claims.

Posting a picture of her e-ticket itinerary, she spoke about how she dashed home to India to meet her brother, when he was visiting their other sister in Chandigarh. She wrote: “As Rhea mentioned in her interview, We didn’t love our brother!! Yeah right, that’s why I flew all the way from USA to India in Jan as soon as I got to know Bhai is visiting Chandigarh and is not keeping well. I had to stall my business and leave my kids behind!”

“The worst part was I didn’t even get to meet my brother coz by the time I reached, Bhai had already left Chandigarh because of the constant pestering calls of Rhea and some work commitments. Family was always there standing rock solid for him!! Dare anyone ever doubt it for a moment!! #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput #Godiswithus,” she added.

She later tweeted that there were 25 calls from Rhea to Sushant’s phone when he visited Chandigarh. She wrote: “Jan was the time when Bhai made a SOS call to Rani Di, he was drugged, confined and isolated. Soon after he reached Chandigarh there were 25 calls made by Rhea in less than 2-3 days time frame. WHY??What was the urgency to call him back!! #ArrestRheaNow”

In an interview, Rhea had refuted the claim that Sushant had come back to Mumbai from Chandigarh at her behest. She said: “In January, he went to meet his sister in Chandigarh but returned after two days. Maybe he didn’t like them, and returned on his own. I was not even aware that he was returning.” Responding to the charge that she had isolated him from the rest of his family, she said: “How could I isolate Sushant if he was with his sister from 8 to 13 June. In February, he met his sister and brother-in-law OP Singh and they went out to eat together. Those photos are in public domain.”

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