Thursday 8 December 2022
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EntertainmentKangana Ranaut to Alia Bhatt on kanyadan: ‘Stop manipulating naive consumers'

Kangana Ranaut to Alia Bhatt on kanyadan: ‘Stop manipulating naive consumers’

Kangana elaborated on the tradition of kanyadan and the concept of renunciation, requesting celebrities to stop mocking Hindu rituals

After Alia Bhatt’s latest bridal ad sparked controversy online, Kangana Ranaut has joined the debate. She took to Instagram and shared a post, asking brands to not mix ‘religion’ into their advertising to manipulate ‘naive customers’.

Alia’s bridal ad of Manyavar questions the tradition of kanyadan, furthering the wrong interpretation by superficial people who believe the bride’s parents ‘give her away as an object’ to the bridegroom. Kangana wrote a lengthy post saying that women were worshipped in the scriptures and there was no harm in seeing them as ‘precious source of existence’.

In the caption of her post, Kangana wrote, “Humble request to all brands… don’t use religion, minority, majority politics to sell things… Stop manipulating (the) naive consumer with shrewd divisive concepts and advertising…”

In her post, Kangana wrote on the tradition of kanyadan and the concept of renunciation. She requested people to stop ‘mocking’ Hindu rituals. “We often see a martyr’s father on television, when they lose a son on the border, they roar ‘Don’t worry, I have one more son, uska bhi daan main iss dharti Maa ko dunga. Kanyadan ho ya putradan, the way society looks at the concept of renunciation shows its core value system…”

In the ad, while sitting at a wedding arena with her husband-to-be, Alia names each member of her family grandmother, father and mother and how much they love her. However, she objects against the practice of kanyadaan at weddings. She asks why she was always treated as the ‘other’ and a temporary part of their family, despite loving her so much. “Am I a thing to be donated? Why only kanyadaan,” she asks in her internal monologue.

The character Alia Bhatt essays is pleasantly surprised when her mother-in-law and father-in-law give their son away as well. Everyone smiles, and the couple gets married. While the woke hailed the commercial as a modern concept and a strong message for women empowerment, many echoed Kangana’s sentiments.

Kangana Ranaut, who is in the midst of a legal battle with Javed Akhtar, was last seen in the film Thalaivii, which had a theatrical release on 10 September.

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