Thursday 5 August 2021
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Kangana, ‘waiting’ for jail post-sedition charge, targets Aamir

Kangana passed a remark at those who take part in candle-light marches, or those who offer to return their awards as a mark of protest

Days after a complaint was filed against Kangana Ranaut at a Mumbai court for “spreading hate”, the actress has said that she is “waiting to be in jail soon” just like her idols. The actress, who’s been mired in multiple controversies, took to Twitter on 23 October to react to the complaint filed against her.

She wrote, “I worship people like Savarkar, Neta Bose and Rani of Jhansi. Today the government trying to put me in jail that makes me feel confident of my choices, waiting to be in jail soon n go through same miseries my idols were subjected to, it will give a meaning to my life, Jai Hind.”


She tagged actor Aamir Khan for his perceived silence on the matter. Hinting at his old remarks about rising , Kangana wrote in Hindi, “The way Rani Lakshmibai’s fort was broken, my house was also broken; the way Veer Savarkar was put in jail for rebellion, they are trying their best to send me to jail as well. Someone should go and ask the intolerance gang about how much pain they have gone through in this intolerant nation @aamir_khan.”


Aamir had made headlines when he had said that he was “alarmed” over rising intolerance in the country and that his wife had even suggested leaving India as she feared for the safety of their child.

Kangana passed a remark at those who take part in candle-light marches, or those who offer to return their awards as a mark of protest. Reacting to a TV channel’s tweet, she wrote, “Candle March gang, award vapsi gang dekho this is what happens to anti fascist establishment revolutionaries, not like you all tumko koi poochta bhi nahin (not like you who get no attention), look at me there is a meaning to my life fighting real fascist government in not a fraud like you all.”


A Mumbai-based lawyer named Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh on 22 October filed a criminal complaint against actress Kangana for allegedly posting a “malicious” tweet against the judiciary after a local court ordered the registration of an FIR against her.

The police have already summoned Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel for questioning next week after a case was registered against them on the Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate’s order on another complaint.

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