Thursday 5 August 2021
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Kamlesh Tiwari murder: Rashid, Faizan, Mohsin tough nuts to crack

While police suspect Rashid Ahmad Khurshid Ahmad Pathan to be the main conspirator, he managed to delete all photos and videos from his mobile phone before it was seized; now he claims he has nothing to do with the conspiracy to kill the former Hindu Mahasabha leader

The three conspirators Rashid Ahmad Khurshid Ahmad Pathan, Faizan Yunus Bhai and Maulana Mohsin Sheikh, who were charged with plotting to kill Kamlesh Tiwari, are to be produced before the special remand magistrate. The three accused have been brought from Surat on transit remand. Police had started interrogating these suspects since 11 AM on Monday.

While officers of the ATS, STF, SIT and Intelligence Department subjected the trio to different questions, they grilled the suspects the most with questions on the whereabouts of and who are said to have executed the sinister plot to kill Kamlesh Tiwari and are now on the run.

Police are also surprised by what Rashid, Faizan and Mohsin have so far revealed. Intelligence agencies have also found strong evidence that the killers had earlier planned to kill Kamlesh Tiwari in Surat itself. On 18 October, about 15 days before the murder, the conspirators had a final in Surat in which Kamlesh Tiwari was asked to visit Surat by any excuse. Later, the plan was changed.

Rashid what aksed what video provoked them. He was subjected to most of the questions because he has emerged as the main conspirator. He was asked which video was shown to Ashfaq and how Ashfaq was prepared to commit the murder. However, Rashid did not quite cooperate with straight answers.

Sources say no video of Imam Maulana Anwarul Haq or Maulana Mohammed Mufti was found from Rashid’s mobile. Now cyber experts are trying to recover deleted photos and videos from his mobile.

What was the reason behind sending the box of sweets? What was the motive behind sending the sweet box from Surat with a bill? Why did the suspected killers use their real ID while travelling? Were they instructed to do so or that was their own decision? Faizan did not answer any question. Rashid kept saying he had nothing to do with the conspiracy.

Police officers may not be saying anything, but sources say that the trio first confused the officers a lot. Later, their lies law exposed when their call details, location and other evidence from surveillance were show to them. After this, the police started getting some clues about the murder plot. In fact, the police got an idea of the route Ashfaq and Moin would take to escape the law only by interrogating the plotters.

SIT in-charge IG SK Bhagat inquired with the officers in charge of all 10 teams about the progress so far at the SSP residence. The facts of the case gathered from other districts were discussed in the meeting, too. The officers were asked to deploy some more policemen in two of the teams.

The SIT questioned three more suspects brought from Kanpur, Hardoi and Shahjahanpur. Among them were the employees of the Kanpur store from where the accused had bought the SIM card.

Meanwhile, some volunteers from different pro-Hindu groups have begun raising funds for the family of Kamlesh Tiwari. A few have managed to collect substantial amounts by way of donations.

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