Kamal Nath reacts to I-T raids on aides: BJP scared of defeat

The BJP had earlier in the day alleged that crores of rupees were coming out of the houses of those who were saying that the chowkidar was a thief


Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has reacted to the raids conducted by the income tax department on Sunday on the premises of his former OSD Pravin Kakkar and his colleague Ashwani Sharma. said that the BJP is facing a defeat in the coming Lok Sabha election and that such an action was taken for electoral benefits.

In the statement issued by Madhya Pradesh Congress’s media cell coordinator Narendra Saluja, is cited as saying that all the conditions for income tax raids are not yet clear. Only after the situation is clear, it would be appropriate to say something on this.


But the whole nation knows, according to Kamal Nath, that the BJP government has been using constitutional institutions against the opposition for the last five years. He said these raids are meant to scare political opponents.

When the BJP has nothing to say about development or about their performance in government, “they adopt such tactics against the opponents”. said.

The chief minister further said the BJP has started showing signs of its defeat in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. This kind of action has been deliberately taken to take advantage in the election, he said.

In the last Assembly election, the BJP had adopted similar tactics, said. Several political parties across States have witnessed strong-arm tactics adopted by the Centre in the last five years, he added.

“We were ready for this,” said. There should be a fair investigation into everything, he demanded. He claimed such developments no difference to him.

said that, from these incidents, his onward march on the path of development would not stop. “We will not be afraid, but we will be moving forward on the path of development,” he said.

said that the people of Madhya Pradesh knew “the truth”. In the forthcoming Lok Sabha election, the people of the State would give a befitting answer to the BJP, he asserted.

Digvijaya Singh reacts too

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh told reporters in Khandwa district on the issue of recovery of Rs 9 crore from the premises of Kakkar in the income tax raids: “I do not know.”

The BJP had earlier in the day alleged that crores of rupees were coming out of the houses of those who were saying that the chowkidar — Prime Minister Narendra Modi is calling himself so in this election campaign — was stealing. Singh reacted to that without naming Shivraj Singh Chouhan, “I do not know if mama-mami‘s house and Amit Shah’s were raided too. How many crores do they have? In rupees or dollars?”

The I-T department conducted raids on Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s former OSD Praveen Kakkar and his colleagues in Indore, Bhopal and other places on Sunday morning. The raids are still going on.

The department has not yet disclosed how much amount or how many incriminating documents have been recovered so far.

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