Thursday 28 January 2021
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Kamal Nath claims he’s secretly talking to INC rebels

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath revealed or claimed this in a conversation with a television channel, denying the MLAs' statements and defying the game of numbers

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Politics India Kamal Nath claims he's secretly talking to INC rebels

NDTV has published a story a while ago that claims that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is holding “secret” talks with the rebels of the Indian National Congress whom he accuses the BJP of abducting and keeping in captivity in Bengaluru. “If they were brainwashed, they would not have called me,” Kamal Nath reportedly told NDTV.

The chief minister ruled out the possibility that Shivraj Singh Chouhan could return to power with the support of rebels. “I will not be bowled by Shivraj ji‘s googly. His googly will be a wide,” said Kamal Nath, using an analogy from cricket. This statement is a taunt aimed at Chouhan who was yesterday playing a match.

“I am in talks with many of them, secretly. I have belief in my MLAs. I am in touch with them,” Kamal Nath said. This defies the video message released by the rebels.

The chief minister appeared not to have come to terms with Jyotiraditya Scindia’s switching of camps. “I never thought he (Jyotiraditya Scindia) would leave, but everyone decides their own future and he chose his,” he told the channel.

What he said next may either be pretence or he indeed does not know what transpired in the desperate luncheon Rahul Gandhi had organised to keep Scindia in the INC. “I couldn’t have made him the chief,” he said, adding, “This decision is taken in Delhi. Why he was unhappy, our leaders in Delhi will answer.” Sirf News had published a story earlier where Rahul Gandhi, with the consent of INC president Sonia Gandhi, had offered Scindia the post of Madhya Pradesh Congress president.

On his tiff with Governor Lalji Tandon, Kamal Nath said, “We have a majority. If anyone tells the governor that we don’t, he should have told them to bring a no-trust motion.”

The chief minister repeated the contention of his party, as expressed in the Supreme Court, accusing the BJP of holding the rebel MLAs captive whereas these legislators, according to him, “had always complimented” his style of functioning.

“How did they go to Bengaluru? The BJP paid for their flight, organised the flight. There are 500-1,000 policemen guarding them. They can’t talk to each other. Their phones have been snatched. Are they really free? Their resignations were brought by the BJP members,” Kamal Nath claimed.

“If they were with the BJP, would they not have joined along with Jyotiraditya? Did they leave Congress? They will return to Bhopal, I have faith. There is no threat to their lives. There are media, there’s police, they are safe,” the chief minister said.

The chief minister added, “In fact, some BJP leaders are in touch with me. Shivraj ji is only dreaming about becoming chief minister again.”

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