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Kajal of India reaps ‘reward’ of marrying a Pakistani

The case of Kajal Rashid Khan differs from love jihad stories to the extent that a country rather than an individual has dashed her hopes, but there is a similarity, too

An identity crisis has arisen before an Indian woman who married a Pakistani citizen 19 years ago. According to media reports, a former Indian citizen changed her name, religion and nationality to marry a Pakistani man but unlike in typical cases of love jihad, here, not an individual but a country is showing its true colours after the marriage. Pakistan refuses to issue Kajal Rashid Khan of Sharjah a national identity card.

According to a Gulf News report, Kajal had applied for renewing her ID card on 31 July but Pakistan has not issued a new ID yet.

Officials say they are investigating the authenticity of the documents Kajal submitted. The report says that normally it takes 7-10 days to issue an ID card.

Mohammed Rashid Khan, the husband of Kajal, says, “I have been emailing to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for the last three months and have submitted all the additional documents sought by them, but still no progress has been made.”

The authorities have frozen Kajal’s bank accounts in Karachi. Her current Pakistani ID card is valid till 2023 but to operate her bank account in Pakistan, she had to apply for a new smart ID card.

Kajal’s husband said, “I do not understand why my wife’s application has been put on hold because it is only a matter of renewal of ID. She has a valid Pakistani passport and he also holds Pakistani citizenship.”

The woman also has a letter issued by the Pakistani Embassy in Dubai confirming that she has handed over her Indian passport and in 2001 she had been issued a Pakistani passport.

Khan, 60, is an architect by profession who came to the UAE from Karachi in 1989. Rashid married Kalpana, a Hindu girl, in 1996 in Mumbai. Kalpana converted to Islam to legitimise her marriage for the nikah under the Shari’ah and named herself Kajal. Khan has many relatives in India.

The case has a similarity with love jihad cases, though: the gullible nature of the once-Hindu woman. The man Kajal chose as her husband was not merely a Muslim but a polygamous one at that. Rashid has four wives and 10 children. Another wife of his is an Indian. One of his wives lives in India with his two daughters. He has two sons and a daughter from his first Pakistani wife while the second Pakistani wife has two daughters and a son. Rashid and Kajal have a son and a daughter.

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