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Kajal Aggarwal loves Rohit Sharma: What’s new?

When asked, Kajal said she was a huge fan of Rohit Sharma. But then, she had said so in May 2018 too. She said it again in January this year

New Delhi: Singham star and Telugu film sensation Kajal Aggarwal has surprised many by declaring her love interest is not a fellow-actor but a cricketer. Rohit Sharma.

Kajal is now the most popular actress of cinema down south, especially Telugu films, the likes of which even the Hindi language audience is familiar with, thanks to the dubbed films most movie channels on television show every evening. She can carry a whole film on her tender shoulders. She is increasingly being seen in Hindi films too.

Kajal made news earlier this month when she was trolled by left-liberals and called a “Sanghi” by them for backing the film PM Narendra Modi, the release of which has been stopped by the Election Commission.

Before the whole of India was spellbound by the cinematography and art direction of Baahubali, Kajal had featured as the lead actress in Magadheera of the same SS Rajamouli. Magadheera is the highest grossing movie of her career too.

As for Bollywood, Kajal has worked in films such as Singham, Special 26 and Do Lafzon ki Kahaani.

Kajal remains active on social media, often sharing her sexy photos and videos on the Internet. Her sexy and hot videos are liked on the internet. She often shares her bikini-clad photos on Instagram. Her fans prefer seeing her on Instagram.

Kajal started her career in Bollywood in 2004 with Vivek Oberoi and Aishwarya Rai. But that film did not succeed. In Bollywood, she is identified with the film Singham with Ajay Devgn. In Singham, she romanced Ajay Devgn.

Down south, she made a special place in Tollywood with Telugu film Lakshmi Kalyanam in 2007. That very year, her film Chandmama proved a super hit at the box office. In this film, Naved Pallapolu, along with Kajal, Balaji, Sindhu Menon and Nagababu appeared as the lead characters.

When asked, Kajal said she was a huge fan of Rohit Sharma. But then, she had said so in May 2018 too. She said it again in January this year. What makes it a story now? Earlier this month, when she tried her hand at fire acrobatics — actually, that’s part of a film — that made news too.

Well, it seems the media is talking about her and her love interest anew because a new film of hers is about to hit the screen. Kajal is seen in the video of her upcoming film Komali where the ‘hero’ is Jayam Ravi.

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