Saturday 21 May 2022
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Judgment That They Could Not Accept

The Ayodhya judgment by the Supreme Court made them switch from crying foul over 'intolerance' to a frontal attack on Hindus, wave after wave


Tanushree Banerjee
Tanushree Banerjee
Legal professional trained from Harvard University in the study of religions through scriptures

With the rising saffron surge, today we are witnessing a parallel attack on the Hindus in all the ways one can think of. Right from kidnapping, rape and murder of Hindu girls (mostly minors and belonging to the backward or SC/ST community), love jihad, forceful conversions to the desecration and vandalisation or demolition of their temples (in the name of widening of roads), vigrahas and several attacks on their culture by the pseudo-secular people, the opposition, Muslims and Christians, the pattern is one of aggression rather than plaint. Akhlaq from Dadri, attack on churches, mob-lynching, returning of state awards, etc have ceased to be parts of the narrative for the past two years. In their judgment, their constant whining was failing to meet the objectives of suppression and domination of the indigenous people, as those repeatedly heckled for being ‘intolerant’ were proving the allegations wrong while there was no evidence of state connivance either, which the West and its media could make a song and about

Not that it is anything new to Hindus following the sanatana dharma (eternal way of life), which has survived from time immemorial in spite of several invasions by foreigners beginning with the Greeks, Arabs, Turks to the Mughals, Portuguese and the British. Every foreign invader brought with them their own cultural and religious beliefs, different from that of the indigenous mores and undoubtedly wanted to impose them on the local populace.

India at that time was demographically not the same as we see it today; rather it was much wider. It would be wrong to say that the nation remained completely unaffected by these invasions and no damage was done. Thousands of temples, dedicated to the gods of the local faith were destroyed and vandalised. There was bloodbath due to the clash between the original inhabitants and the invaders. The diversified culture and religion we see today across the length and breadth of this country is mostly a result of these invasions.

Although a considerable chunk of the original population was either forcefully or deceitfully compelled into conversion (except a few who willfully did so for some reason or the other), the country saw the establishment of new religions too. However, Hinduism did not lose its foothold or identity in the country and, till date, Hindus are a majority in the country.

Post-independence, the country had been witness to a few minor or major instances of conflict here and there, but of late, things suddenly seem to have gone wild and out of control. Both Muslims and Christians seem to have decided to wage an open war, on the Sanatanis under the patronage of the opposition, which has always indulged in appeasement politics.

Recently, more than 22 temples and vigrahas have been vandalised in Andhra Pradesh alone. Then comes the demolition of a hundred-year-old Hanuman temple in Chandni Chowk area of Delhi in the name of widening of the roads. The opposition, the pseudo-liberal gentry and the so-called secular people, who jump in at the drop of a hat when it comes to any sort of issue related to the minorities, have not uttered a single word.

  1. 14.11.2019: Durga temple in Guntur
  2. 21.01.2020: Hanuman temple in Pithapuram
  3. 11.02.2020: Venugopala swami temple in Rompicherla
  4. 13.02.2020: The main entrance of a temple in Undrajavaram
  5. 14.02.2020: The Chariot of Lord Balaji was burnt in Bitragunta (Nellore Dist)
  6. 06.09.2020: The Chariot of Lakshmi Nrisimha swami burnt in Antarvedi
  7. 13.09.2020: The Silver Lions from the Chariot of Goddess Durga were stolen
  8. 15.09.2020: The murti of Saibaba was damaged in Nidamanur (Krishna Dist)
  9. 16.09.2020: Hanuman murti was damaged in Eleswaram
  10. 16.09.2020: Goddess’s murtis were damaged near Gundlapadu in Guntur Dist
  11. 17.09.2020: Nandi murti was damaged in Makkapet (Krishna Dist)
  12. 19.09.2020: Murtis of Lord Shiva were damaged in Chintapalli (Visakhapatnam Dist)
  13. 20.09.2020: Photo frames of Lord Ayyappa were damaged near Narasapuram (West Godavari Dist)
  14. 23.09.2020: Hanuman murti was damaged in Pathikonda (Kurnool Dist)
  15. 25.09.2020: Hanuman murti was damaged near Naidu pet (Nellore Dist)
  16. 05.10.2020: Nrisimha swami murti was damaged near Mantralayam (Kurnool Dist)
  17. 06.10.2020: Hanuman murti was damaged in Adoni (Kurnool Dist)
  18. 06.10.2020: Goddess Saraswati murti was damaged in Narasarao pet (Guntur Dist)
  19. 17.10.2020 – The main entrance of Sri Veerabhadra swami temple was damaged I Tarlapadu
  20. Hanuman murti was damaged near Yanam (East Godavari Dist)
  21. Lord Shri Rama murti was damaged in Vizianagaram
  22. Karthikeya murti was damaged in Rajahmundry
  23. 03.01.2021: Sita murti desecrated at Sivalayam at Vuyyuru, outskirts of Vijayawada

Then there is forced and/or deceitful conversion under what is obviously their agenda of love Jihad. While Hindus are worried about the demographic change it entails, fake liberal people say no such thing is happening. It is just interfaith marriage, which is permissible in the eyes of the law, they say. “Right to practice any religion” is constitutional and, hence, there is no offence made out in case of interfaith marriages. Those opposing the laws and ordinances, which have either been enacted or proposed by some state governments, further the argument of ‘freedom’ without going into the fact that interfaith marriage has never been a question. It’s conversion through misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, allurement and/or by any other fraudulent means before or after the marriage that constitutes the offence, And the constitution does not allow forceful conversion.

An apology of a piece appeared recently in The Siyasat Daily titled, “Other side of ‘Love Jihad’: List of renowned Hindus who had a Muslim wife.” Going just by the title, one cannot help but laugh and the reason being, the author has in the title itself stated that it is about “renowned Hindus”, who can by no means hide their identity. Further, no where in the article has he mentioned any of the overt acts by these Hindu men, which can be said to constitute an offence as defined in the laws or ordinances pertaining to love jihad. The fact remains that incidents of love jihad are rampant these days and every other day we get to hear about a new incident,

Things become all the more puzzling considering the fact that we are no longer a colony under the British or a country ruled by the Mughals or other Islamists! We are the world’s largest democracy, under a strong leadership at the centre. So, what has suddenly changed in the past year or two that the Hindus are being targeted so badly?

One incident stands out, which is directly connected to the majority community: the historic Ram Jhanmabhoomi judgment! The construction of the temple, the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor, the Deepawali celebrations at Ayodhya and the Dev Deepawali celebrations at Varanasi — all are somewhere linked and happened only after the Historic Judgment was delivered by the Supreme Court.

The sequence of events forces one to question if the sudden rise in the attack on the Hindus, be it physical, cultural or religious, is related to the judgment and the sequence of events which added up to the efforts of restoring and reviving the glory of Hinduism. Be it the opposition or the minorities, the verdict was a bitter pill, which they were forced to swallow.

Notice that their discomfiture with the new union government was manifesting earlier by way of crying hoarse over the regime’s ‘intolerance’. They would pick any random incident of crime and claim either the government was complicit in the act, or somebody from the Sangh Parivar did it, or an outfit with the word “Hindu” in its name did it. Their intellectual supporters enacted the award-returning spectacle to drive home the point internationally. But they stopped crying foul after the sacred plot of land in Ayodhya went to Ram Lalla Virajman. They changed their strategy of war.

The pattern since the Supreme Court judgment — seen in the protests against the amended citizenship law (CAA), NRC and NPR, the deliberate attempt to spread coronavirus in the country via Tablighi Jamaat, their otherwise thoughtless support to the rich farmers’ agitation along the borders of Delhi and finally a spate of incidents of demolition, vandalism and desecration of objects of veneration of the Hindus — makes the message clear. They are trying to exact revenge on the Hindus.



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