Monday 27 June 2022
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Jr NTR condemns personal attacks on Chandrababu Naidu’s wife

The actor posted a video, slamming the attacks against the former Andhra Pradesh CM while his wife Bhuvaneswari made an appeal to politicians

Within 24 h of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president N Chandrababu Naidu breaking down while talking to reporters about the humiliation that he said he was subjected to by the ruling YSRCP, actor Nandamuri Taraka Rao, popularly known as Jr NTR, tweeted a video message, condemning the abusive comments by the ruling party.

In the video that he posted on 20 November, Jr NTR said that politics should be limited to public issues and that personal matters should not be involved.

“Whatever we talk about defines our personality. In politics, criticisms and retorts are quite common, but all those should be limited to public issues and should not be personal. Yesterday, the Assembly incident has triggered me. Whenever we sidetrack public issues and give in to personal criticisms, dragging women into the issue, it leads to anarchy. That’s a mistake. Respecting women is our culture, it’s a tradition that is embedded in us. And we should carry forward such a tradition to our future generations,” Jr NTR said.

On 19 November, president Naidu had broken down at a press conference, claiming that he had been humiliated by the YSRCP on multiple occasions.

Earlier in October, rebel MLA from Gannavaram Vallabhaneni Vamsi, who was suspended by the after he declared his support for the ruling YSRCP, had made objectionable comments on Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh in an interview with a Telugu language television channel, Sakshi TV. The MLA had questioned Nara Lokesh’s parentage and said, “He (Lokesh) doesn’t take after his father.” He went on to suggest that Lokesh ‘inherited’ the features of Alimineti Madhava Reddy, a former minister and MLA who was killed in a landmine blast in 2000. 

The tweet of Jr NTR followed the meeting of members of the Nandamuri family, including Balakrishna, Ramakrishna and Chaitanya Krishna, to express solidarity with Naidu and his wife Bhuvaneshwari. The family members addressed the media from their house today and condemned YSRCP MLA’s remarks against Naidu’s wife.

The family also threatened the YSRCP with harsh action if such comments were repeated in the future.

“We are not here sitting calm. If you don’t change, we will bend your necks and make you change. Just because you (YSRCP) have a majority, we will not accept whatever comments you make,” Balakrishna Nandamuri, popular actor and Hindupur MLA said. “It’s only because of Chandrababu that we have remained calm, but there is a limit. We do not need his permission anymore. Talk about the issues that the state is facing, don’t drag women into politics.  Be careful and hold your tongue. We will not tolerate such comments anymore, this is a final warning,” he threatened.

Naidu’s wife Bhuvaneshwari belongs to the Nandamuri family and is the daughter of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister (late) Nandamuri Taraka Rao, who was fondly known as NTR.

Reacting to the allegations that YSRCP leaders abused Chandrababu Naidu and even dragged his wife’s name while addressing the Assembly, Minister for Transport Perni Vankataramaiah (Nani) said that Naidu is making false allegations to gain sympathy from people. He also claimed that no proof of the contentious comments can be found in the assembly records.

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