Wednesday 8 February 2023
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EntertainmentJournalist tries to drag Kangana into controversy surrounding Deepika

Journalist tries to drag Kangana into controversy surrounding Deepika

The journalist, who might well have been taken for a PR agent, tried to extract a byte out of Kangana Ranaut on Deepika Padukone's recent spar with a social media influencer

Kangana Ranaut snubbed a reporter during an event to launch her new reality show Lock Upp, which she will be the host of. The journalist had tried to get her byte on the spar Deepika Padukone had had with a foreign social media influencer recently over the neckline or hemline of her dress.

From her reply, it seems Kangana must have thought the journalist was a de facto PR agent who was using this clever ploy to make Deepika’s film Gehraiyaan a talking point. The journalist, who sounded woke, making a statement of “women’s empowerment”, did not stretch her argument.

Kangana told the reporter she uses her voice to fight for the underprivileged and that Deepika Padukone was not one. “Look, I am here to defend those who can’t defend themselves. She can defend herself,” Kangana said.

“She (Deepika) has the privilege, the platform, and I can’t promote her film here. down,” Kangana said with a stern voice. To that, the journalist was seen yielding.

When the journalist said that while she had cited Deepika’s example, “the intention was not to promote any film”, Kangana snapped, “Of course, you named the film. You are also naming a film which is coming. Obviously, you are being planted by the PRs of the said film. Arre yaar, hum itne bhi toh naadaan nahi hai na (I am not so naive). Do it outside, I will engage with you for 45 min.”

Ekta Kapoor, who is producing Lock Upp, said, “It’s a different press conference, my friend.” The journalist said that Kangana’s tone while answering “was a little condescending”.

“You know, this is an old trick. The last time I was banned by the media in the same press conference, it didn’t lead to anything. So please have a seat,” Kangana said. She was referring to her infamous of words with a journalist at the Judgementall Hai Kya press conference in 2019, where she accused him of running a ‘smear campaign’ against her. A section of the media retaliated by announcing a against her.

Editor’s note: Deepika invariably gets into a controversy every time a film of hers is about to release. It started with a sudden fetish to talk on depression. It happened again with a sudden love for communist activists of JNU. And now there is the non- of her dress sense (or lack of it) because another film of hers is releasing on 11 February. This has been noticed so many times over the years that the Kannadiga actress of Hindi films might well consider hiring a different public relations agency that will not repeat their gimmick time and again.

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