Friday 9 December 2022
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Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial: Man in courtroom bursts into guffaw


As the defamation trial of Hollywood celebrities Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s acrimonious proceeded on 17 May, grabbing the attention of fans and followers of the case across the world, a man in the courtroom had had a laughing fit during the proceedings. He had to leave the room as he could not control himself. A of the man, who some claim was among the people who accompanied Johnny Depp to the court, laughing like crazy, has gone viral on the web.

The man burst into a guffaw when Amber Heard was being questioned about her allegations of assault against her former husband Johnny Depp. While the man is seen hiding his face with his hand as he continues to laugh, many around him started smiling as well. Then he walks out of the courtroom after multiple objections from Camille Vasquez, the attorney for Johnny Depp.

Those who saw the reacted to it in the comments section. A viewer claimed that the man was actually Johnny Depp’s security guard. A viewer wrote: “Dude is representing the entire internet.” Another wrote, “He just remembered a joke from 10 years ago from out of the blue. That’s how mind-numbing this trial is so far as to make his brain crack like that.”

A supporter of Johnny Depp commented on the video, “The laughing guy represents 99% of the world as to the absurdity of Amber’s lies and her unwavering attempts to uphold them by adding even more lies!!” Commenting on the man leaving the courtroom, someone said, “Laughing is definitely contagious and I believe he left so he wouldn’t be at risk of being held for contempt in court.”

During the trial on 17 May, Johnny was also spotted smiling when Amber’s lawyer did an impression of his voice.

Amber Heard is defending herself against Johnny Depp’s $ 50 million libel lawsuit post-divorce. His team accused her of destroying his career with false accusations of physical and sexual assault. The actor even claimed that his middle finger was partly severed in 2015 after his then-wife threw two bottles of vodka at him. He says it is the second bottle that injured his finger. “She threw the bottle, and it made contact and shattered everywhere…”

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