Wednesday 25 May 2022
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JNU communists succeed, govt rolls back fees partially

The utility charge has not been withdrawn but other fees stand reduced, although not back to the pre-March 2019 levels

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The protest by the communist-dominated students’ union of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has forced the government to bow down to their demand of a rollback of some of the fees, albeit not down to the extent that the union demanded. The Narendra Modi government has finally revised the increased hostel fees, which is partially lower than the proposed fee structure. Further, a scheme has been proposed to provide financial assistance to poor students. The HRD Ministry tweeted this information.

The administration had not increased any fees for establishment charges, crockery and newspaper etc in the hostel. But there was a huge increase in the room rent. Previously, where the room rent of a single-seater hostel was Rs 20, the administration had increased it to Rs 600. The rent of a double-seater was increased from Rs 10 to Rs 300. The administration had also added a new item.

JNU proposed fee hike
JNU’s proposed fee hike that has now been rolled back

Earlier in the hostel, students were never required to pay service charges or utility charges such as water and electricity. This was also introduced by the administration in March.

As a utility charge, the bill was provisioned according to use (in other words, on actuals) while the IHA committee had added Rs 1,700 fee as service charges. This was a completely new item.

Every student had to pay this amount every month. The administration had increased the one-time mess security, which was earlier Rs 5,500, increased by more than 200% to Rs 12,000.

If the fees above are not taken from the students, taxpayers of the country have to foot the bill via subsidy provided to the JNU by the government. The country pays Rs 3 lakh per year to sustain every student of JNU.

Students demonstrated for months. The Students’ Union had staged a sit-in outside the venue just before the executive council meeting on Wednesday. Even the ABVP demonstrated outside the office on Wednesday. Student organisations of institutions across the country came together in support of JNU.

Users of social media had objected to the hike in fees in the JNU. The people who supported the fee hike were hopelessly outnumbered in the socialist country.

As per the revised fee structure decided in the EC meeting, the room rent (single) will now be Rs 200, which was earlier Rs 20 and it was proposed to be increased to Rs 600. The room rent (double) will be Rs 100, which was earlier Rs 10 and it was proposed to be increased to Rs 300.

The one-time mess security now stands at Rs 5,500, which was proposed to be increased to Rs 12,000.

Service charges have not been rolled back.

Utility charges of Rs 1,700 stays, too.

At the EC meeting of JNU, it has been decided that students from the EWS or economic backward section will be given separate help.

The communist freeloaders are not happy, though. The Students’ Union has said it is a “fraud” on the students.

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