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JNU attack: Aishe Ghosh, 8 other masked suspects identified

SIT head Joy Tirkey of Delhi Police named JNU SU president as an attacker in the 5 January incident; she claims she was just roaming around


Claiming to have cracked the case of violence at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus, Delhi Police on Friday made some startling revelations. Investigating head Joy Tirkey said that nine students involved in the violence had been identified. That includes JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh, he said.

The students identified have not yet been detained. Police have sought explanations from them by serving them notices. Delhi Police said left affiliated students of JNU were opposing the registration system, which was at the core of the dispute.

The police gave a detailed account of the incidents from 1 January to 5 January, ranging from damaging of the server to preventing registration to violence at Periyar and Sabarmati hostels. Delhi Police said that on 3 January, members of the Student Federation of India, All India Students Federation, All India Students Association and Democratic Students Federation forcibly entered the server room to stop the centralised registration system and threw out the employees. Thereafter, they shut the server down. But the server was fixed somehow subsequently, the police said.

On 4 January, the leftist students once again tried to shut down the server. “In the afternoon, somebody entered through the rear glass door and they completely ruined the server. This halted the entire registration process,” Tirkey said.

An FIR each has been registered the two cases of vandalism.

The head said that violent incidents occurred on campus on 5 January. He said that in the afternoon, the masked attackers in the Periyar Hostel selectively beat up students.

JNU SU president Aishe Ghosh was also among the attackers, the head said. Subsequently, in the evening, masked attackers vandalised the Sabarmati Hostel and assaulted whoever came in the way. Some students from this gang have been identified too, Tirkey said.

JNU SU president Aishe Ghosh retorts

JNU attack: Aishe Ghosh, 8 other masked suspects identified | Image result for aishe ghosh
Aishe Ghosh claims innocence

JNU SU president Aishe Ghosh has dismissed the police’s act of showing her photo as a suspect in JNU violence. Accusing the police of bias, she said, “No FIR was lodged against me for the attack and I was dubbed as the suspect to spin the issue.”

Ghosh said that she had full faith in the law and order of the country and she would get justice.

Delhi Police held a press conference today to throw light on the JNU incident. Identifying the suspects using facial recognition technology, the named nine students, along with JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh, and displayed their photos at the press meet. Delhi Police had said on Thursday that it had identified 40% of the miscreants.

Ghosh admitted that she could be seen in the video running on social media, but she was not involved in the violent acts that followed. She said, ‘If I am seen in some videos, they made me a suspect, but I was attacked fatally and that is not being considered. Is it a crime to roam inside the campus?”

Ghosh said, “I don’t turn a suspect because someone’s saying it. Did I have a rod in my hand and did I wear a mask?” She added, “Delhi Police must investigate itself. I have proof of how I was attacked.”

The JNU SU leader, who came out after a meeting with secretary, accused the police, saying, “Why is Delhi Police biased? An FIR was not registered on my complaint. I have not attacked anybody.”

JNU representatives accused Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar and the home ministry, alleging that the police did not enter the premises until two hours after they called the PCR. “From where did they get this order?” they asked.

Delhi Police reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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