Friday 27 January 2023
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PodcastJizya: Pay or die, Muslims tell Hindus in Bengal

Jizya: Pay or die, Muslims tell Hindus in Bengal

This jizya sounds like the way Pandits were persecuted in Kashmir, the recipients of the call say, and the caller says it's like Pakistan or Bangladesh

Amid hundreds of reports of in West Bengal following the announcement of results of the state assembly election of 2021 comes this report of communal violence by way of of the jizya kind, murder and rape. Muslims of villages Bonpara and Malipara in District East Bardhaman have allegedly cornered the minority Hindu residents in the area and demanded Rs 2 lakh from every family.

Audio language: Bangla

The caller from Bidhannagar (also known as Salt Lake City) in Kolkata says that these used to be Hindu-majority villages at one point but have seen a massive demographic change, with Hindus reduced to a pathetic minority at the mercy of the overwhelming Muslim majority.

The caller says that three Adivasi (Scheduled Tribe) women have been raped so far. She narrated similar incidents of Hindu persecution by Muslims in Canning, Chakda and parts of District Nadia.

The ‘jizya’ demanded range from Rs 80,000 to Rs 5 lakh per family.

In East Bardhaman’s villages, a lone BJP MLA has paid up the demanded to make peace with the Muslims. A couple of MLAs of the party in other places are, the caller says, working as people’s representatives well but doing nothing to save the hapless Hindus.

The recipients at the West Bengal BJP office’s helpline say this sounds like Jizya tax that Muslim rulers of mediaeval India used to impose on Hindu subjects to let the latter live in peace.

The recipients of the call also say the incidents in Bengal remind them of the way Pandits had been persecuted in Kashmir.

The caller says she feels Hindus in Bengal are now living in some part of Pakistan or and wonders why a supposedly strong union government does not intervene.

Since the outbreak of in West Bengal, the BJP has alleged that Trinamool Congress’s workers have lynched at least 18 karyakartas of the main opposition party.

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