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Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea: Which plan has better benefits?

After the stir in the telecom market, new and already expensive tariff plans have been announced by all companies. Subscribers of Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone-Idea–all have to pay more for internet and calling facilities than before. The new tariffs of Vodafone-Idea and Airtel have come into effect from 3 December, while the new tariffs of Jio will be applicable from 6 December. Here we are telling, what changes have been made and what are the new packages.

Reliance Jio

In the plan of Rs 199 per month, 1.5 GB data will be available daily; make 1,000 min calls to non-Jio numbers and unlimited calls to Jio numbers.

The Rs 399 plan gives the same 1.5 GB data daily and 2,000 min of calls in two months, the Rs 555 plan gives three months and 3,000 min of calls.

The plan of Rs 2,199 gives 1.5 GB data daily for 12 months and 12,000 min of calling.

The 2GB daily data plan has a rate of Rs 249 for 28 days, Rs 444 for 56 days, Rs 599 for 84 days.

The 3 GB Daily Data Plan has a 28-day plan for Rs 349.

Affordable plan categories include 2GB data for 28 days and 1,000 min of calling for Rs 129.

The plan of Rs 329 will give 6 GB data and 3,000 min of calls for 84 days.

The 1299 rupees plan gives 24 GB of data and 12,000 min of calls for 365 days.


The Rs 35 recharge, which had a validity of 28 days, will now cost Rs 49.

The Rs 65 recharge will now cost Rs 79, the Rs 129 recharge is now Rs 148.

Now Rs 148 with 2 GB data, 300 SMS and 28 days unlimited calling for Rs 129.

Rs 169 and Rs 199 recharge coupons replaced with a new Rs 248 pack.

For Rs 249, 28 days two GB daily with calling pack is now Rs 298.

You used to get 82 days, 1.5 GB daily, for Rs 448 and a calling pack for Rs 598; the prices remain the same but the facility is now for 84 days for every recharge.

Data of 82 GB for two days with calling pack for Rs 499 is now the same data for 84 days at a price of Rs 698.

Pack of 336 days 12 GB data for Rs 998 now 365 days 24 GB for Rs 1,498.

For Rs 1,699, it was 365 days with daily 1.5 GB data and calling pack; it now costs Rs 2,398.


Data of 2 GB for 28 days earlier cost Rs 149; it’s now 1.5 GB data daily for Rs 249 (calling FUP 1,000 min)

Two GB daily for Rs 299, 3 GB daily data for Rs 399, both for 28 days (calling FUP 1,000 min)

Data of 6 GB for Rs 379 in 84 days validity, 1.5 GB daily for Rs 599, 2 GB daily for Rs 699 (calling FUP 3,000 min)

Rs 1,499 gives you 24 GB data for 365 days, or you get 1.5 GB data daily pack for Rs 2,399.

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