Sunday 26 June 2022
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Jihadis in Bangladesh rape all women in Hindu family; 10-year-old girl dies

The rapes follow the lynching of a Hindu Partho Das by jihadis who gouged out parts of his internal organs after attacking an ISKCON temple

Amidst jihadis relentless attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, incited by a rumour of blasphemy, a secular of the country has shared how radical Muslims brutally raped the women of an entire Hindu family including a 10-year-old girl. The victim in the incident of the Hajiganj Upazila in District Chandpur in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh has died a while ago.

Editor’s note: Some social media platforms like Facebook are marking the posts of Bangladeshi bloggers who reported the incident as “fake news” based on the result of a flawed procedure of fact checking. A few Bangladeshi websites claimed to have checked the authenticity of the allegation by talking to the police in Bangladesh who expectedly denied this incident had happened. Hindus in the said Islamic republic have been complaining that the police there just pay lip service and do not come to their aid or rescue when Muslim mobs attack. After an attack is over, the police may visit the affected place if the victims are ‘lucky’. But nothing more comes out of it. Check the comments below the Facebook post cited in the paragraphs that follow. Bangladeshis are themselves saying the state is trying to suppress reports of such incidents. The story cannot be called fake on the basis of this unreliable police force of an untrustworthy regime.

In a Facebook post that users of the medium are sharing wildly, blogger Azam Khan narrates the ordeal suffered by the Hindu family. He says, “The worse (sic) rape incident so far happened in Hajiganj, Chandpur. Muslim fanatics raped a whole Hindu family. They raped the mother, her daughter, and her niece, who is just ten years old.”

Expressing outrage at the heinous act of fellow Muslims, Khan says, “It does not matter how much you censor or blackout the media. We will document these atrocities to let the world know. I feel ashamed to be born and raised in the Muslim community.”

The blogger feels sorry for the minor Hindu girl who succumbed to her injuries while her aunt and grandmother were in police custody.

Azam Khan says, “The ten-year-old girl who (sic) fanatic Muslims raped, died because of extreme blood loss. Nobody can tell how many people raped her. Her aunt and grandmother who were also gang-raped simultaneously, are in police custody.”

The brutality of the crimes has moved Twitter users too.

The rape leading to murder follows the lynching of a Hindu Partho Das by jihadis who gouged out parts of his internal organs after attacking an ISKCON temple following Friday namaz in Noakhali of Bangladesh with the strength of a mob of about 200. ISKCON has said in its statement that Partho’s body was found floating in a pond near the temple.

According to Ramdharamn Das, Partho was 25-years-old. He had been missing since the previous day, the ISKCON member said.

Previously, it had been reported that the jihadis killed two sadhus.

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina had assured that her government would take stern action against the murderers. However, violence continues in many parts of the Islamic republic.

Fanatic Muslims are killing Hindus after accusing them of insulting the Qur’an. The mobs are attacking Hindu shrines, murtis of deities and setting houses of Hindus on fire.

Click here for the report on the attack on the ISKCON temple in Bangladesh
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