Friday 28 January 2022
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Jharkhand reports 31 COVID cases in 24 h

Ranchi, where a state government show imperilled many lives, continues to be on the edge, accounting for 71 of the cases from Jharkhand

Jharkhand, the government of which made news for all the wrong reasons over the past week, has so far reported 99 cases of coronavirus infection. On Monday, 15 more new cases of coronavirus infection were reported. Of these, four cases were reported from Hindpiri of Ranchi while Itki had three, Bero had two and Kadru, Kanke, Doranda, RIMS isolation ward, Railway Station Road and Seva Sadan had one patient each.

The patients are being moved to the COVID-19 centre. The newly infected include an ambulance driver and an assistant sub-inspector.

Jharkhand has seen 31 new suspects in the last 24 hours. A total of 16 positive cases were found on a single day on Sunday. Of these, 13 patients in Ranchi include five nurses.

Coronavirus disease (COVID) has been detected in 10 of the 24 districts of the state. Today, Jamtara is a new name on the list as a COVID-positive patient was found here late on Sunday night. The patient in Jamtara was brought to the Dak Bungalow COVID-19 centre in Udalbani village, Kundhit.

Out of the 10 affected districts, Ranchi had 71 patients. There are 10 patients in Bokaro, three each in Palamu and Hazaribagh, two each in Dhanbad, Giridih, Simdega and Deoghar, one in Jamtara and three in Garhwa. Out of a total of 92 COVID-positive cases, 74 are active cases while 14 patients have recovered and four patients have died.

On the twelfth day of the second phase of the nationwide lockdown, rains have brought some reprieve to the administration as few tried to venture out of homes. Police continue to be deployed in roads, vegetable markets and markets in all districts.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, Ranchi, there are chances of continuous rains for the next seven days. Lightning may be accompanied by hail storms. Winds may blow at speeds of 50 to 60 km/h in some districts.

Dr SD Kotal, director of the meteorological department, said, “There is moisture in the Bay of Bengal, which is coming towards Jharkhand. A cyclonic storm is also affected over central India. Hence, the formation of both systems is going to affect Jharkhand. There is a possibility of rain in different areas of Jharkhand till 2 May.”

Meanwhile, the people of the Udalbani village were not cooperating with the administration, saying that they would not let the entire village “die due to one man”. One of them said, “We will not let the patient stay here under any circumstances.”

Later, cops from the Jamtara police station explained to the people and pacified them. The patient could be admitted. The patient in the Jamtara district is from Vikrampur in Kundhit. He had returned from his native place, Jamudia in West Bengal, on 9 April.

Jharkhand: Ranchi remains on edge, Dhanbad is COVID-free


Coronavirus-carrying patients are increasing in number every day in the Muslim ghetto of Hindpiri, now the largest hotspots of Jharkhand. The gravest risk here comes by way of 138 people who came in contact with the 45 patients in Hindpiri.

The administration does not have any information about these people. So, they have neither been quarantined nor have they been sampled.

The contact tracing list prepared by the state department of health suggests the number of infected people may rise unexpectedly due to these 138 people.


Fifteen people from Dhanbad were apprehended in Chhota Govindpur today for trying to cross districts. Their documents were checked and their hands were stamped with the home quarantine seal.

All the 15 people were sent to the quarantine centre in Kadama after their medical examination.


After finding a COVID-positive patient in the Ghatshila barrack late on Sunday night, 16 out of the other 19 samples tested negative. Three samples are still being tested. Their reports were likely to arrive today but were not received until the time of filing of this report.

The condition of the patient of COVID in Tata Main Hospital is getting better. There is no sign of coronavirus in him.


The second medical examination reports of the two suspects from Baghakudi Kumardhubi and DS Colony are both negative, said Deputy Commissioner Amit Kumar. He said that the suspects are now free from infection.

Dhanbad became a coronavirus-free district with the arrival of the reports of the two suspected earlier to have been infected.

The DC said that according to the guideline of the ICMR, both patients will remain in a hospital dedicated to COVID treatment until the 14-day quarantine period was over.

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