Monday 5 December 2022
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Jayeshbhai Jordaar shows sex determination of foetus: PIL

Jayeshbhai Jordaar shows sex determination of foetus: PIL

The PIL claims that Jayeshbhai Jordaar claims to save the girl child on the one hand and shows how ultrasound can be used for sex determination on the other

Even as actor Ranveer Singh eagerly awaits the release of his film Jayeshbhai Jordaar, with a few days away from its release, it has got mired in a legal tangle. A scene shown in the trailer of the film may promote female foeticide, a litigant holds. There is a to remove the sequence from the film as well as the trailer. A lawyer has filed a public-interest litigation (PIL) to this effect in the Delhi High Court.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar is scheduled to release on 13 May. There are only a few days left for the release and the trailer of the film was released a few days ago. The film stars Ranveer Singh opposite actress Shalini Pandey. The trailer of Jayeshbhai Jordaar got a good viewership in terms of the number of hits on YouTube, but that tells nothing qualitative about people’s response.

There is a scene in the film showing a sex determination test before the delivery of a baby. As for the context, Ranveer Singh essays the role of a Gujarati man in Jayeshbhai Jordaar. After marriage when his wife becomes pregnant, he fights hard to save his unborn child. Whether the unborn child is a or a daughter, it is known to him by taking a sex test before delivery. Many who have seen the trailer protested against the scene while Advocate Pawan Prakash Pathak filed a in the Delhi High Court.

The lawyer has said in the PIL that it is a legal offence to determine the sex of the child before delivery, citing the law in the country that was made when female foeticide had severely skewed the sex ratio to 934 females for every 1,000 males. The asks for direction from the court to the filmmaker to remove the scene. Even though the film is against female foeticide and promotes the ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign, the utility of ultrasonography for the dubious purpose has been promoted in the film, the PIL argues.

The lawyer said in the that in the scene showing an ultrasound test in a clinic, the character playing the radiologist is clearly showing sex determination. This is not permitted under Sections 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 6 and 22 of the IPC and PNDT Act and hence must be censored.

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