Saturday 31 October 2020

Jalaun, UP: Dalit teen whose ‘murder’ jailed 6 found alive after 12 years

The cops ran into the girl after raiding the address mentioned in a media report on 9 September; the police are interrogating the woman

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A bizarre case surfaced in Jalaun of Uttar Pradesh where, after 12 years, a teenager whose alleged abduction, rape and murder had sent six people to jail has been found alive. The 14-year-old teenager has resurfaced as a 26-year-old married woman. Police in Jalaun are now questioning her after she arrived from Aligarh.

In Kalpi of District Jalaun, the locals are shocked. They remember with dismay the time when the girl’s ‘abduction, rape and murder’ made news headlines in the town and the district.

CO RP Singh said that in 2008, the 14-year-old teenager from a Dalit family living in a locality in Kalpi town went missing. Her mother had filed a case against six people for kidnapping, raping, murdering and committing other serious offences against her daughter under Sections of the SC-ST Act. Those jailed included a municipal officer, a councillor and a BSP MLA.

The mother of the ‘abducted’ teenager had conducted a sit-in protest before the Collectorate, threatening self-immolation to demand immediate arrest of the accused.

An accused from Jalaun died in jail

Meanwhile, the body of an unidentifiable girl was found in Ghatampur. Not caring to recognise the body, the mother of the teenager created a ruckus by claiming it was her daughter.

On the direction of the government, the investigation into the case was handed over to the CBCID. During the investigation, the CBCID gave a clean chit to the MLA but filed a charge sheet against the other six accused in the case and secured jail terms for all of them from the court.

One of the accused, a woman from Jalaun, died in jail in 2012. The rest were released on bail after two-and-a-half years.

The CO said that a few days ago it was reported that in the year 2008, the girl, for whom six people had been packed off to jails on charges of kidnapping, rape and murder, was alive, living in Aligarh a married woman. Receiving the information, Jalaun Police went to Aligarh.

The cops ran into the girl after raiding the address mentioned in a media report on 9 September. The police are interrogating the woman. They have sent a report to the CBCID.

The woman is currently in a custody for women.

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